Thursday, 11 February 2010

Loving that....

If you are heartily sick of Valentine Day marketing and products, then quick skip to another blog. But, it is the time of year for hint dropping. I normally partake in such an attempt with Mr MDS but having no funds to spoil him in any manner this year I'm keeping stum and hoping for a Valentine's surprise. However hope is not usually a good method, I find direct action the most useful.

When it comes to Mr MDS I know exactly what he likes but it isn't the same the other way round. He has a vague idea but never exactly the specific thing. I would be buying him this Richard James tie as it is very spring like and fresh, plus I could pat him on his way to work in a Betty Draper manner.

There are plenty of gifts in a range of prices for you or the person in your life if you are feeling particularly loved up and my-wardrobe have handily given me a code to cut out the cost of shipping on accessories, bags and shoes. You can tell they know what folks buy!

Voucher Code: FREELOVE

Validity: 08.02 to 14.02 only

Value: Free UK standard shipping on accessories, bags and shoes only


  1. Thank you! Finally, something for him. Everyone else is all about pink and roses. Which I like, of course. But Valentine's for men too. That's a beautiful tie.

  2. Love the colours x but since selling business its more about wearing things to keep warm and the mud out.. xx

  3. Angie - oh yes it is all about the other half! I love buying him things x

    Wildernesschic - we are settling for less too and it is absolutely fine. There's more romance in muddling through x

  4. I agree with Angie, we tend to "forget" to talk about our men fashion.

    Hope all is great with you.


  5. Great colors on that tie! I'd consider it for MrB.


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