Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Anti Ageing help at hand

You know me I think all rules are out of the window when it comes to styling. The moment you get caught up in rules you close down your options and kill your creativity. However, whilst I might be uber confident when it comes to style stakes, I'm a scared cat in the headlights when it comes to skin care.

There are two people I've met in person who have the most perfect porcelain skin, one is fellow blogger and jeweller Wendy Brandes, the other is TV presenter Nicky Hambleton Jones. Both keep out of the sun and their skin is so soft I look upon it longingly.

Now Wendy can holla from over the Atlantic with her many pronouncements and we can hear her! Luckily Nicky has turned her years of experience to helping inform the skincare debate. Her new website Look & Feel Younger offer wonderful advice on products and treatments for the skin and for all budgets, which is music to my ears. Also there are lots of discounts for becoming a member (which is free).

Take a look and enjoy seeing people being guinea pigs for beauty treatments. It made me feel less scared knowing about how procedures are done. The small clips are brilliant.


  1. You're too sweet...much sweeter than my sister who said something like, "I guess all that hiding inside with a book while I ran around in the sun paid off for you."

  2. I agree they both have beautiful skin .. my mother used to put me out in in all the time.. then I loved a tan too..arggg.
    I think I have been lucky, but its is certainly not without blemishes this will be really interesting xx

  3. I look less corpse-like with a tan, but I don't go anywhere warm to get one!

    Pale and interesting is the only way forward for me.

    Shall mosey over and take a look at that website ;-)

    Ali x

  4. I will check out that site, I really like Nicky and was really disappointed that they replaced her with Myleene Klass! I'm have really pale skin and haven't been a sun worshipper for years, I always fake than bake but can see the crow's feet around my eyes so the signs of my age are starting to appear!

    PS thanks for the tip that LK Bennett have some great nude shoes - I want them all!

  5. I made the decision to give up sunbathing at 30 - 8 years on its been the best skincare advice I ever took. I'll go check this site as I just love anything beauty related. BTW have posted some tasty sample sales to tempt you with on my blog. I know you have already sorted your A/W10 wardrobe but there may be something you really need....

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  7. Oooh thank you for the steer. Xxxx

  8. Hi there-thanks for the shout out about Nickys site, I will certainly go and take a peek!! x

  9. Dear Kate, I love any new skincare tips. I'm off to have a look now, thank you xx


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