Sunday, 29 August 2010

Wonderful Weekend Wedding

Sometimes there is nothing better than a wedding. Mr MDS and I repeated last weekend in wedding number 2. We donned exactly the same outfits given we were friend invitees this time, so no family present to remark on our ground-hog day appearence. I made one change from last week with the addition of a headband, although my hair isn't long enough to create the desired beehive affect.

It was a beautiful day, the bride and groom were suitably beautiful and handsome on their special day and Dulwich College was a wonderful location. The attention to detail at the wedding was down to the bride whose choice of floral colours and design were glorious. We ended the perfect day dancing madly to a great live band with a female singer who covered everything from Sister Sledge, Gloria Gaynor to Kings of Leon and the Killers to name some. The eclectic mix was such fun, one moment you were doing your best funk soul dancing to bouncing around like a indie mentalist! It felt great in Prada shoes.

M&S cardi, Moschino dress from the Outnet, Prada Shoes

Champagne in hand (tick) confetti in hair (tick)

The beautiful hall in Dulwich College

Nice touches home made jam - how cute!

An array of gorgeous flowers everywhere

The band

Bride & Groom


  1. Lovely look and pics, darling!

    Fabulous dress!


  2. Lovely. Off to a wedding myself this eve. e xx

  3. I love weddings- such a joyous, hopeful feeling in the air. You look lovely!

  4. looks like a beautiful wedding. . and lovely outfit!

  5. I approve of having Champagne in hand whenever possible.

  6. What a lovely wedding- the flowers and jam are excellent. That dress has been very good to you.

  7. I do love a wedding. You look sweet in the 2nd pic. Xxxx

  8. Wow..nice sharing photo and what an loving wedding you really looks gorgeous and your wedding dress really looks pretty and the flowers and the jam on desk are too good.

  9. Lovely. Off to a wedding myself this eve. e xx


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