Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ring in the change

If I could be anywhere next week then NYC for NYC Fashion Week and also Fashion's Night Out would be my choice.

I don't want to say how many bloggers I would be catching up with given half the chance but oh what fun it would be.

And what better place to wear these!

Of course these wonderful NYC rings (which I want regardless of not being there) are by home grown NYC jewellery talent Wendy Brandes. Wendy has been a long supporter of the local NYC manufacturing but due to the inability to produce larger quantities at lower prices she is having to look further afield. To do this Wendy needs backing and this is a wonderful opportunity to fund a business get some kudos and some jewellery to boot! Click here to find out more about the NYC rings and the OMG ones as well as the kickstarter backing.


  1. I love these rings they look so cool... I catch rings all the time though.. and do not have pretty hands anymore:( .... But on the right girl these are the coolest xx

  2. Love Wendy, great idea to spread the word!

  3. Love this post, I so wish I could indulge in a set-they really are soo fabulous! x

  4. Ooooh - these are so great. Never having been bothered about traditional precious stone rings, I have recently taken to wearing interesting rings. It started with the recent 'cocktail' ring fashion and I now find that I am drawn to all sorts of new designs. And Wildernesschic don't bother about not having 'pretty' hands. Mine are are bit crepey these days but while conventional rings can be ageing, modern designs can add a new dimension by wearing 'art'. I recently received a compliment on my cleverly fashioned designer ring, from a young male desk clerk. He, like many others, was fascinated by it.(I think I shall do a blog post on these sometime soon.)

  5. Thanks for the love, girl. I especially think people who love NY but don't live here should wear them! That's whom I was thinking of when I made them. Elegancemaison, I agree with you on the hand thing. I definitely think my hands are not the pretties and my nails are always a fright. That's sort of why I started wearing big rings in the first place. Delicate little rings didn't really improve the look of my hands, so I thought, "I'll cover them up with big crazy rings and everyone will focus on the jewelry."

  6. I love the rings. I know someone who would go mental for them! I must show them.

    I'm off to Fashion Night Out. I'll take some pics. Are you going to any of them in London? NY would be MUCH more fun though xx


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