Monday, 16 August 2010

Celebrity and Fashion - Fashion Forum Fortnight

Before we get stuck in to celebrity and the impact on fashion, not just clothes but lifestyle, we need to set some definitions.

No, wait a second we need to get this photo of Madonna out of the way.

Firstly, after years of looking a bit 'off', 'irrelevant' and way too photo shopped in those Louis Vuitton ads, Madonna actually looks great. Love the dress, really love the dress. Good hair and make up and a modicum of graceful intent suggests she's on form again. I don't know Madonna, we once shared the same toilets and I found out that I was taller than her. But apart from that, all I have ever gleamed about her is from magazines and newspapers plus her interviews. Oh yes and the Sex book. After years of journalistic analysis what is your take on this photo?

Mine is 'Hello Guy, yes I'm here in London. I've just dropped the kids of with you. It's my birthday. Remember how you messed up and neglected me, well look I'm hot again. Don't worry the Jesus thing is a fling. You either want me back and you'd better go for it or I will be sporting Mr Madonna number three quite soon and you'll be very jealous as he'll be a man's man.'

Anyway, back to the categories of celebrity. There are three acknowledge academic classifications. This is important to note because it explains why we potentially accept or admire some more than others.
1. Ascribed - this is lineage. Itis handed down. Think Prince William, Caroline Kennedy and Sofia Coppola, too name a few.
2. Achieved - personal accomplishment gets you this status. Think Madonna, Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Serena Williams, you get the picture.
3. Attributed - this category is when ordinary people get given a lot of media attention often due to sensationalism. Think of anyone who has had a lot of media attention for no particular reason other than say being the mother of Mick Jagger's illegitimate child or having an affair with a well know person either or any other such example.

For a full read on celebrity then Chris Rojek's Celebrity is a fascinating read.

So, we know Madonna achieved her celebrity status and we know how. The rest of the week will be spent examining the impact of the cult of celebrity upon fashion and our consumption. Oh er!


  1. Madonna looks gaw-juss in that photo!

  2. I am not a fan, but have to admit she does look fantastic, but its the usual story couldn't we all if we had her money and lived on Carrot sticks blah blah blah. Do you really think she wants Guy back and that he neglected her?

  3. She looks great and I would like to know what that glove/jewellery thing is on her hand.
    I do not understand celebrity and how people react to it - as in wanting autographs, crying when they meet someone etc. It peeves me greatly that the highest paid and most revered people in society are those that entertain (some of) us.

  4. She looks amazing, thamk goodness she's ditched that awful yellow-toned hair.

  5. I am a huge fan I think she looks amazing, and yes sure she wants a decent bloke back...but come on she must be a nightmare to live with and be a friend to...xx

  6. I think she looks fabulous here! Though worse than the LV ads were the first D&G ones where shed had so much face filler she looked like a chipmunk.

  7. She looks fab, best she's looked in yonks.

  8. She looks 32 not 52 so all that working out, surgery and quality time with her 20 year old boyfriend is working wonders.
    I love look forward to reading more about celebrity because my PR people have told me that if you don't get your product on celebrities, you will never extend your brand. I hope that isn't true but I fear that it is.

  9. I'm not a fan but will say that she looks stunning, better than she has in ages. Somehow I doubt that she wants Guy back when she can have someone half his age. ;-)

  10. Very cool post, darling!

    And you're right ~ Madonna looks fab!


  11. The picture is not showing up for me. So I didn't get to see Madonna looking gorgeous. But I will take everyone's word for it. I look forward to the rest of this series.

  12. I've liked Madonna since her first album and remember dancing to Borderline at the over 12's disco at the local nightclub. She looks fab but just wish she would loosen up her exercise regime as it makes her arms to sinewy.

  13. Madge wearing her age well - maybe she allowed herself a slice of pizza as a birthday treat?

  14. i love madonnna for what he stands for..."BE YOURSELF!!" ..its a very important point that people seems to not rememeber about her personality...

    part from that i love her look always...just coz a lot of times shes not perfect and i like that... too pretty is too boring for me

    follow if u like what u see?

  15. hI THERE!
    Blog surfing tonight and i like the definition of Attibuted! Seems most "stars" are of this category lately!
    Where has all the talent gone?
    I'll say,probably bloggers!
    I have found more true creative talent in blogs i read than anywhere else lately and in a very long time!
    ( and i'm 47, so that's saying something ;)


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