Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Where to Shop?

I'm often asked 'where should I shop/where is the best place to shop?' (on the UK high street)

The answer is never the same. Each season changes the 'where' bit. I probably would suggest always having a look in the mid range retailers such as Reiss, All Saints, Ted Baker and concessions in departments stores from Tara Jarmon, Paul and Joe Sister, and the Jesiree range in John Lewis. You do have to have a plan and a list when you go shopping, this always helps to make sure you don't come back with a repeat number.

However, this season I'm mainly loving Topshop and Zara. Last winter I had no love for either but slowly and surely they are both back on track. On the back burner I'd put Warehouse and Gap (the cape at £60 is a winner) and I'm sighing a bit over my beloved Oasis, not sure I'm feeling the love yet. My surprise wild card will be Miss Selfridge, check it out sporadically, there will be much to coo over. Finally, M&S, well would have thought it! I'm suggesting caution (as always) but there is some mighty fine individual pieces. My Mad Men esque cardigan in black has been a winner at £18.


  1. Great choices Kate, not being close to the High Street it is hard to " Feel the quality" so I usually stick to the safest option when shopping online..
    I have tagged you over at my place take part only if you fancy it xx

  2. I would never have thought to go into any of those, especially Ted Baker! However my friend and I have been doing a new thing of going shoppng and only going in shops we've never been in before its fun and surprising! So I will give your suggestions a try!

    I must say Topshops been fading for me they never get any of the Unique in that I like, but Zara is always my fav highstreet store x

  3. I feel the same about Oasis and agree about M&S. I always shop around. It sometimes can take an age to make a decission on clothing and sometimes, no time at all. Xxxx

  4. Sadly Blackpool has a terrible lack of shops (the nearest good shopping is either Manchester or Liverpool) or those that are there aren't in the same league as their branches in city centres. This has limited my shopping choices and made me a bit boring so I've really only shopped at Wallis on the high street or done online shopping over the past year. But I have started to give my wardrobe a clear-out and have started to write a list of key items that I need inlcuding a decent pair of bootcut jeans.

  5. Hi there-yes a good list of choices here and your cardi is a true style classic, I've been wearing my grey cashmere m&s one too!! x

  6. Ooooooh I need a Mad Men-esque cardi!


  7. Kate, please enter me into your giveaway I won't be here go n hols tomoz night.

  8. Oh, I miss M&S. We used to have 3 locations in TO and they left about 10 yrs ago. I really loved them for the food (prawn styrofoam, those amazing black currant hard candies w black licorice toffee) but I also liked the underwear (and, increasingly, bras) and the occasional clothing item. I think it's a gem when it works.


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