Friday, 20 August 2010

Football and Fashion - Fashion Forum Fortnight

My Phd research subject of choice would be on Football and Fashion. I might get round to it one day. There has been no real academic analysis of football, fashion and its relation to consumption for many years.

Movie and music stars are often the subject of fashion but footballers are not. Hence why I like this image so much from today's Daily Mail online.


  1. Posh and Becks are perfect together!

  2. Interesting choices !

    By the way, Ballet NEWS has moved home, so you might want to update your details to

  3. Yes good choice, as with the pay packet being so huge, the fashion of the men and the WAGS is always current and expensive, not always the most stylish or tasteful ... but then .. why should they be.. they are very young and used to being sponsored, so show the logo guys and girls.
    I think with age and experience they often improve xx

  4. As a fellow academic I can see that making a fascinating research area. Though 3 years of WAGS might push me over the edge LOL!

  5. Definitely a European topic! In the US, I have always liked articles on the suits that basketball players choose for their big draft night . . .


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