Thursday, 26 August 2010

Chanel 509 giveaway

Of course Chanel 509 is Paradoxal. Due to the cunning and tenacity that is Make Do Style not only did I have the ability to purchase Paradoxal and Rose Satin for family, friends and moi, but I've got one left over. Now of course I could be super selfish and sell the blighter on ebay but were is the fun in that. I'm in the mood for dispensing good cheer.

This little pot of happiness and perfect polish can be yours! The usual applies for a chance to win - be a follower of the blog and leave a comment on the subject of your best make do tip on anything from fashion, beauty, food, culture or adventure. The giveaway is open until Friday Sept 3rd (which is next week!)

Just to clarify the rules (thank you Pearl for being the organised one!)

1. Leave a comment containing 'WIN' so I know who wants to be entered and I will put all the names in a hat to draw the winner.

2. You must be a follower of this blog, new followers are welcome (Google )

3. For an extra entry tweet or retweet about the giveaway and /or mention it on your blog (and leave in the comment that you have done so).

UPDATE: forgot to say this is open to the world. Whether you are in Melbourne, Mumbai, Massachusetts or Malawi or Mexico. I know I've mixed up countries and towns.


  1. Oh my you are toooo kind for words. My beauty tip is hair related. If you are a blonde of the bottle variety and you happen to go swimming in a chlorinated pool which turns your tresses green. Have no fear - slather lots of tinned tomatoes to your hair (or ketchup). Sit by pool all day, rinse and wash out and the blonde should be restored!!!!

  2. You already know mine: good ol' baby lotion as a body moisturiser! I'm afraid the Chanel would be wasted on me though - I am working on my nails and they are getting better, but still a long way from being polish-worthy.

  3. Chanel? How posh! Please enter me and I hope I WIN!!!
    My make-do tip is a travel/beauty related one. Lush solid shampoo bar lasts for ages, takes up hardly any room in your travel bag and there's no chance of any spillages. In addition to fabulously gentle hair washing it can also be used to wash clothes, as a soap and cleansing bar in the shower and when applied to nasty mozzie bites stops the itching instantly. xxx

  4. Ooo I want to WIN!

    Low fat yogurt feeling boring? Just chuck in some ground cinnamon. Also brings back great memories of Starbucks Christmas drinks for these awful rainy summer days.

  5. Oh I want to WIN! So hard.

    I guess my tip is if you're super pale like myself and find even the palest of foundations too yellow...invest in a white base to mix it with. dainty doll makes a really good one that blends really easily...especially with my mac nc15.


  6. Ooh I'd very much like to WIN this!

    I have very few beauty tips to offer but seeing as this is a nail based prize, here goes... Strengthening basecoats etc are all well and good but for a cheaper and healthier alternative, make sure that you're eating lots of nuts. Almonds, walnuts and pistachios will all help strengthen your nails the natural way, plus they taste delicious!

    ps - thanks for your comment - I was worried that I'd come across a bit narky and I really didn't mean to be.

  7. Great give away, I already snaffled me some Paradoxial so I wont be greedy and enter! Its is such a great colour like purple-grey and it reminds me of E.T for some reason LOL!

  8. Hi there-what a totally fab giveaway my dear, so generous and good luck to the winner! Am back at work in the kitchens next week, no polish allowed ;-(

    I noticed you were in the Cision top ten for style blogs, so a big well done to you too! xx

  9. I suppose I have to be in it to win it! Food tip - nows its getting to winter and coming home from a dark night you don't want to be creating amazing meals from scratch, a quick, tasty and easy meal to make is to grate some parmesan cheese and mix with some bread crumbs the top either a nice piece of fish or a chicken, its really tasty!

  10. WIN

    My make-do tip is join a library - sounds pretty obvious, but you have almost every book (plus CDs/DVDs) at your fingertips for nothing. Endless entertainment for uber cheap.

    Lovely competition - fingers crossed.

  11. Oh oh pick me - I want to WIN!

    My make do tips are twofold. !) Take up darning. It's both crafty and sufficiently absorbing that it will occupy you during the most boring of winter evenings. Plus you'll never have to buy socks ever again.

    The second is to put a cardamon pod and some vanilla in a simmering pot of milk - et voila, warm, christmassy drinks for all! Pop a chai teabag in the mix and you've saved yourself three quid in Starbucks (it's also much lower in fat if you use skimmed milk, plus there are no additives or sickly syrups)

  12. Love to win!



  13. WIN, WIN, WIN - only problem is I can't think of any tips. I'll get back to you when my brain wakes up!

  14. WIN! My make do tip... Get Make Do Style round to do a wardrobe make-over! It will change your wardrobe, life and confidence and is so very very worth it.

  15. This is such a generous offer MDS! Actually I already have Paradoxal and coincidently was just preparing a blog post about it so I've put a link to your blog there. My make do tip might seem a tad hypocritical now that I've fallen for Chanel nail polishes. I usually say never compromise on buying the best skin care, though you can save money by using cheaper cosmetics as many of them are just as nice and often better than the designer brands. (As I've just proved in my comparison between the staying power of Chanel and Boots 17 nail polishes!) Oh dear....

  16. Oh my gosh!!! Thanks soooo much for this awesome giveaway!!!

    I follow you with GFC as katygmorris. Please enter me to WIN! :)

    My favorite beauty tip is to put on cuticle oil as often as you can. It makes a world of difference on my nails. I like to keep one in my purse and one on my bedside table and another one by my sinks. It's made my nails nice strong and NOT ragged!

    Have a great weekend!!! :)

    kmorris at wildcatdiscovery dot com

  17. I just Tweeted about this giveaway here:

    Thanks!!! :)

    Please enter me to WIN! :)

    kmorris at wildcatdiscovery dot com

  18. WIN!
    thanks for a great giveaway
    My top tip is Boots Botanics eye make up remover as a great dupe for Lancome Bifacil. In general I dont mind spending on quality but only when I cant find a cheaper alternative that works.

  19. I am so glad I found your blog, and please enter me to win in the giveaway..

    My top tip is to use coconut milk on wet hair for hydrating moisturizing..
    then wash off style.

  20. Me too! *waves hand in the air* I want a chance to win!

    OK beauty tips....ummmmmm.....*taps nails on keyboard* about - don't throw out those teabags! Lie yourself down on the sofa and plonk one on each eye for anything over 3 minutes to waken up computer-knackered eyes.

    Squeeze out surplus tea first. Obviously ;-)

    Ali x

    PS - dunno why my photo isn't showing up on your follower list. Am not a weird anonymous stalker...there should be a pic!

  21. Fab giveaway - I definitely want to WIN! I'm never early enough to get the Chanel limited edition polishes here :(

    My Make Do tip is to make the most of eyeshadow and vary the shade by dipping the brush in water - it intensifies the colour and makes it more likely to stay put!

  22. I'd love to WIN this beauty! It seems like a very nice color! I've never actually owned a Chanel polish before.
    Hmmm.. a tip. apply a thin layer of vaseline on your wrist before spraying perfume long, it makes the scent last longer!

    my follower name is evil_eva12.
    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

    I also tweeted:


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