Friday, 27 August 2010

Be Prepared - a fashion stylists working wardrobe

Fingers crossed I'll be working flat out from now (ish) until a week or two before Christmas. Knowing my likely schedule and the fact I need a working wardrobe for different situations, I've used my time off to a) attend to the petit garcon first and foremost, b) decorate, saving Mr MDS decorators fees and c) compile my A/W10 look.

I've mixed old and new items. It is my usual mix of a few designer pieces with mainly high street and some secondhand. I've omitted to throw in my few t-shirts, my skinny grey polo, accessories and gloves that I'll be donning but you can imagine those!


I do mix and match day and evening wear but I've separated them to illustrate in their more dominant environments. I tend to keep it simple upon an eve, although that is probably true of all my outfits.

The evening items

l to r, years old ankle boots in a patent faux snake skin, with kitten heel, Suede purple courts with detail 2 years old, this season Prada heels and my very old Sacco boots from New York.

l to r, Gerald Darel tuxedo jacket from Oxfam Wimbledon 2 years ago, Zara metallic v cardi last year, Toast navy velvet trousers and Gerald Darel ruffle white shirt both 5 years old.

l to r, Viktor & Rolf black long sleeve silk dress, a few years old, recent Moschino dress from Outnet and a sample sale Pink Soda dress coat.


The day time items

l to r, M&S granny wedges this summer - will wear with ankle socks, heeled Brogues 4 years old, this season suede ankle boots from Oasis and lace up brogues from Topshop. I realised that my choice of tan shoes demonstrates a repeat pattern. I hold my hands up it is my favourite colour for shoes.
l to r, recent blog shop dress purchase from Mrs Bossa (will do a separate post on this as have altered it), See by Chloe floral print dress from Liberty sale and my See by Chloe pea coat jacket.

Reiss a-line skirt, expect a lot of wear of this item

l to r, Topshop this season floral blouse, last season Topshop blouse, ditto Ted Baker blouse and this season Zara one.

This is my favourite buy, I love sheer material and the pattern and colours are wonderful. It sold out straight away.

l to r, Last season Topshop red jeans, Many, many years old Topshop jumper, which I love so much I'm glad it will get an airing this season. Normally it only comes out for very cold days. This season Zara knitted cardigan with geography teachers elbow patches.

Overall my look is a reference/nod to Mad Men, Celine and the things I always like. I would if I could buy some Chloe or Chloe inspired trousers and a D&G lace number wouldn't go a miss but the make do funds are emptied.

UPDATE: completely forgot to mention my black M&S cardi which is in the daywear section but then I've mentioned it loads already. It will continue to be used a lot.


  1. I would kill for your geography teacher cardigan! Your blouse collection is quite dreamy too. Can't wait to see the dress.

  2. Looks lovely - well done for being so organised, my wardrobe is pure chaos! Like the Viktor & Rolf ruffle dress.

  3. Hi there-yes very well organised and so many choice, quality stylish pieces which will be so versatile with each other xx

  4. Glad you got the Oasis boots they are lovely, Im eyeing up a similar black pair on ASOS. I am usually really excited about pulling out the winter stuff but havent had time to do it yet. Ive lapsed back into an only wanting to wear jeans or leggings and check shirts phase / everything I own by Westwood all at once! Though I am hoping Zara will come up with some Chloe-esq qide leg trousers!

  5. What a great collection, I must go and sort/organise my wardrobe it always cheers me up ..especially in all this chaos xx

  6. Wow, so streamlined! I am very impressed. The V&R is particularly lovely.

  7. You have just reminded me, tiding up my wardrobe is very overdue. I am very happy to hear you are working solidly until Christmas. That is a great achievement. I can see to just after LFW. Thank you for commenting for me. I really appreciate it. Xxxx

  8. No wonder you're the Number One stylist with a wardrobe like that! Gorgeous, especailly that beautiful vintage shift and the See by Chloe frock. xxx

  9. I'm coveting all those lovely tan shoes and the Zara cardi - are you sensing my love for the shade? Muchly impressed with your ability to narrow it down to a few key pieces as I still haven't worked out how to do that.

    Will you be blogging about your work at all? I'm always very intrigued as to what stylists do and who they work with.

  10. Smart thinking to get your wardrobe organized ahead of time! It looks as though you've got all of the bases covered but nothing extraneous.

  11. Love the V&R ruffled dress, and agree 100% with the tan shoes - they're my favourites too!

  12. Fabulous wardrobe, darling!
    Especially loving all your shoes!


  13. Ooh how I love a sneak peak into the wardrobes of the stylish! That Gerald Darel ruffle shirt is gorgeous! x

  14. I love to see what's in other gal's closet. : )

  15. Its put my wardrobe to shame, I'm so glad I have a week of to rectify the situation! I need to invest in a good white shirt to build up my capsule wardrobe.

  16. What an amazing wardrobe! I love your blog!

  17. I want to look at your makeup collection next :-)

    I'm nosy!


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