Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Something I threw on

This is the first in a weekly style option for the out of towners! And maybe something for those who are big city dwellers. I will try to keep everything as an internet option, which isn't too hard these days and also September sees the launch of H&M online. It does mean that Zara is excluded but since sizing is an issue with Zara this probably isn't an issue. To qualify, sizing in Zara varies enormously depending on fabric, cut and design. I can discount XS and XL but S, M & L have all made an appearance in my wardrobe.

I thought I'd kick of this series with a solution for country living (wild west of Wales, Sussex etc.) and attempt to solve a cry for help from someone who is 'strawberry'. A strawberry body shape is like a strawberry - wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. I like to call it an upside down triangle, which means to balance out the proportions you need to create an additional triangle.

The look I'm creating is modern and fresh for A/W, with a nod, if you select the jumper option, to Prada but doesn't scream fashion.

Item 1 - is a Mango skirt from ASOS. I like to get women out of the trouser/jeans option where possible. Much easier to wear dresses and skirts if you can't rock a skinny jean or this season's leather pants a la Isobel Marant. At £37.90 it is a snip and the wrap feature and asymmetric detail make it more casual for everyday wear. The only problem is Mango like Zara only go up to a L which is a size 12. If you need larger I would opt for the Isobella Oliver maternity a-line skirt. What maternity I hear you shriek! Well, it's just you get a better cut with the waistband and you can tuck things in and add a skinny belt but still get a great shape. It is the perfect solution when you are an apple or strawberry shape.

Item 2
- ASOS bobble stitch jumper in navy, £30. Get the jumper for later when the wind chills the bones. And if you are top heavy for the jumper, go for a lightweight long sleeve tee in grey, navy or black, again this Mango Cowl neck top £17.90 is perfect for on its own or layering and this goes up to a size 14.

Then you only need to add some ribbed or opaque tights with some boots or brogues or even wellies depending on the weather. Do not under any circumstances add Uggs. I've nothing against Uggs but not with this look, okay!

Here are some links to boots ideas.

ASOS Trapper platform ankle boots

Dorothy Perkins Chocolate lace up ankle boots

M&S footglove wide fit leather slouch boots in brown

And a pair of brogues

Topshop soft leather brogues

For accessories, if you are top heavy get a nice chunky bangle or 3 to add detail. And if you are small(er) busted and wearing the navy jumper, a nice very long chain with a locket on the end would be fab. I just dreamt up the locket necklace, I have no images or suggestions to offer but something similar would work. Or a nice brooch.


  1. Misread the headline as "something I threw up" and was like PLEASE DON'T SHARE! TMI!

  2. Fabulous idea! As an "out-of-towner", I shall look forward to this series. (Especially when you reach pear shapes!)

  3. I think this idea for a series is great! I too shall look forward to pear/hourglass shape suggestions.

  4. I really don't mean this as a criticism of you, I'm just cross with the industry as a whole - seriously, how is size 12 large?? And having to resort to maternity wear if you need a bigger size is quite insulting really.

    Ok, mini rant over. The skirt is beautiful and the jumper is very tempting, although a tad short to flatter my figure. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

  5. God you are so right about Zara sizing. I'm a size 8 so that is normally a XS or S everywhere but the Zara jumper I'm wearing today is a large and it's tight and the sleeves are about an inch too short. And I love this feature by the way!!

  6. That skirt is incredible. Love it! xxx

  7. I like the skirt but would be slightly nervous about wearing it, looks a bit precarious to me!

  8. Hi there-I love the navy jumper, very classically styled and so chic looking x

  9. Love the skirt xxx


  10. Some great items, very suprisingly those M&S boots. Also good to see some items that are affordable to us on 'normal' budgets. e xxx

  11. Maternity skirt!!!! don't hate me but I can't bear the idea of going down that route after being pregnant for 17 the nice brooch and locket touch, very Mad Men

  12. Alex - Loved your rant know exactly what you mean. I know suggesting maternity wear sounds dreadful but it is more to do with the cut of the cloth. For years tall peeps couldn't wear vest or cami tops as they were way too short in the body so maternity vests and cami tops were the answer. Thankfully everyone can get long vest tops now.
    So the maternity skirt solution sounds dreadful but because it is a lovely cut and great material it doesn't look like a maternity skirt and it really flatter apple/strawberry shape people who struggle to get skirts, mainly because the waistband isn't structure so it will sit properly.

  13. Yes Zara's sizing is extremely frustrating. Mind you so is Reiss's my husband totally refuses to go into Reiss anymore because of it. Loving the skirt, the sweater would be too short for me. Thank you for your birthday comment and for following me. Xxxx

  14. So true about Zara, the sizing is seriously all amok! I love all of your shoe selections, and I have to seriously come out for the maternity option, particularly the Isabella Oliver maternity which is great quality & cut - a lot of maternity now is cut so well that it fits perfectly and allows just for the belly (well, and surrounding belly pedestal!. I have a few maternity pieces I still wear 10 months after that I belt or tuck and they still look great. It's a fantastic idea for those of us who have problem areas, baby or no.


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