Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Bedside Book Bonanza

The benefit of getting presents is the additions to one's bedside reading. I'm currently reading Rona Jaffe's The Best of Everything which I love. Christmas yielded 3 more to my ever growing pile of which the bottom 3 are old favourites I like to browse a lot. Proust will gather dust for yet another year I'm afraid.

What luck I got Jump - when all is dull and gloomy in January a bit of Jilly will go down a treat!


  1. These are all very good, but you forget one excellent title "MAKE DO & MEND - How to Buy a Designer Handbag Whilst Remaining Friends with Your Bank Manager and Your Conscience"
    Which I have ordered from Amazon because I have been meaning too ever since your first told me about it ages ago, why don't you do a bit of self promotion for your book and have a link to it on your blog!!

  2. Oh m g - Pearl it is so gauche and my first ever publishing attempt - god it needed a good editor and help!. I wrote that every night and then typeset it and everything when the petit garcon was 3 months old!

    It is the springboard for a number of copies by others. I've learnt a lot since then and have book number 2 coming out soon!!

  3. I could use a little Jilly myself right now!

  4. Stop doing yourself a diservice Kate, you wrote a book!! And for your information is has some major big fans on Amazon reviews! Everyone always cringes at stuff they wrote in the past, someone wanted to read my Masters thesis the other day and I nearly died with shame ha ha!

  5. Dear Kate, what a brilliantly diverse selection! Proust and Jilly in the same pile, love it.

    I've never managed to finish Proust... Jilly on the other hand, I've read everything she's every written. I didn't get Jump for Christmas so I've just ordered it for myself on Amazon. I can't complain I got plenty.

    I'm prepared for a gloomy January with tons of DVD's and books. I know I will be skint. Boring but I'll be totally fine.

    It will be a good time for you to do your writing xx


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