Sunday, 5 December 2010

Fund Raiser for Blogger in need

Christmas is a time for giving they say, so why not give yourself a Wendy Brandes Little Woolf necklace and provide a great new start for 2011 for Sister Wolf.

It all started on June 7th when Sister Wolf after nursing her son through a difficult period lost him. It has been a terrible struggle for her and she hasn't been able to work. If you can find it in your heart and your wallet to give, then there is hope for us all. That despite our own personal needs and suffering we can give and also you get to wear a lovely necklace from the very talented Wendy Brandes.

I love this necklace and wore it through my dissertation. I felt comforted by its very presence and it was my talisman. A big thank you to Wendy as every Little Woolf sold will raise $35 dollars to the roof fund. And a very big thanks to Queen Marie and Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style for being roof fund raisers too! Queen Michelle designed the lovely widget thingy I have to the right. GO GET ONE!


  1. For some reason I keep thinking of the film Witness. In my head, when I think of Roof Raising, I come over all Amish and start thinking of Barn Raising.


  2. I'm happy to send something, when I eventually get paid xx

  3. My post will be up tomorrow!

  4. Do we have any idea how much is needed to fix the roof? What's our goal?


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