Sunday, 5 December 2010

Dress a blogger for Hanukkah, Christmas, Happy Holidays

The perfect foil for a minimalist almost Helmut Newton esque Chrimbo look it the lovely That's Not My Age

Suited and booted has become a recent hit for celebs to wear to events and I must say I've always had a soft spot for the old tux, white shirt and trousers combo. My two favourite looks are Julie Christie in Don't Look Know (1973) wearing trousers and a metallic cardigan and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction (1994) with the white shirt and trousers.

I know TMNA likes her clean lines but I've selected a few twists to the more strict minimalist look as I know she will look uber glamorous in this outfit for the festive season.

ASOS vintage style cocktail ring £6

Mindful of the requirement of comfort, I think these shoes provide this, with no compromise on style for classic occasion wear.


  1. Lovely. The perfect case for elegant minimalism. Gotta love Reiss! I was going to ask for you for advice on styling up my velvet harems, but they're actually a very similar silhouette to these beauties. May have to plump for a darker colour up top, though: Pearl suggested an emerald or red... xx

  2. Why thank you! Love that sequin jacket and I'm partial to a pair of Clarks shoes.

  3. Oh what lovely, classy picks. The Reiss top is just beautiful.

  4. Hi there-fab picks, I can imagine she would look so stylish in this outfit too! x

  5. Ballet News -if you leave a comment just to let you know I can view your front page but for some reason, either to read on or comment will not load! I don't want you to think I haven't been looking xx

  6. Great choice!!!

  7. Love that sequined jacket!


  8. Dear Kate, love the trousers and the sequin jacket. I have a few Antik Batik bits and lots of sequins. I must do a post but I'd collected lots of pics on my broken Mac. I must get it recovered... Hope you're well xx


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