Friday, 24 December 2010

The Christmas Miracle

Dearest Alex of Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks sent me a Christmas Pom Pom necklace. In the midst of snow and no deliveries; whilst people couldn't fly anywhere or travel even a mile without hardship, a pom pom necklace that was posted from Liverpool on one day arrived the next day in South London.

A quick photo was all I could manage due to the unending cold!

Then on Christmas Eve morning, a gorgeous parcel arrived from Queen Marie of Kingdom of Style, again I was given much Christmas cheer. A fabulous Christmas necklace and an addition for my tree. I also had my lovely belated birthday pressies but I'm keeping those to myself.

How wonderful is the blogosphere. It defies modernity in its old fashioned values of correspondence and yet it is in its very essence of now. Receiving my lovely gifts was pure Dickens and Austen brought alive in the 21st century. All hail blogging and have a wonderful festive time whether you celebrate Christmas or not.


  1. Hi my dear-what lovely presents, so thoughtful and kind and much deserved too, have a wonderful festive Christmas xx

  2. Dear Kate, fab presents!

    Have a brilliant Christmas, you deserve it. See you next year. Love Christina xx

  3. I collected pom-pom animals as a child.

  4. What lovely presents, the necklace is gorgeous! Have a fabulous Christmas! xx

  5. How fabulous! I consider the friends I've made the very best part of blogging.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  6. Wishing you and yours
    all that is Merry
    and Bright!
    Glad tidings in the
    New Year !

    Love and Joy,
    Elise x (Elusive Reveries)

  7. Love your blog no wonder it is so popular

  8. I love a good pom-pom, and the post has done nothing but amaze me at how fast it can send somethings and how slow it can send others!!

  9. What a lovely last paragraph.
    Oh I read your latest post above too, don't get me started on funding, we're tearing our hair out over a writing project that was awarded funding 11 months ago!


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