Friday, 3 December 2010

The Glory of South London

My only hope for a fashion fix is making it to Wimbledon if I can get there. Since my style challenge of only designer goods/buys for a year my shopping choices are limited. So far it has been a breeze and my pocket is much happier. I actually feel happier too. I have bought a much reduced Valentino skirt from The Outnet and I did have to buy a lovely vintage dress (unknown designer but not a high st number) from Penny Dreadful Vintage. 'Fraid the Nina Ricci is out of my price range.

I am a proper South London gal. Okay I did first live in Fulham but it was off the Wandsworth Bridge Rd - you see I was heading South. My favourite go to places then were the Kings Road and High St Kensington. I used to think Oxford St was too far north. Mind you Wimbeldon was a bit to far for me and seemingly quite posh in my head but let me tell you it is a place of two halves - downtown, bottom of the hill is all high street and predictability. But up 'top' is the village. I'm not sure how to elongate the word village but phonetically (perhaps) vil-aaaaaaaaage.

Anyway the delights of the Matches shops are key to the many yummy mummies lives in the surrounds. I love the dedicated Max Mara shop, if only one was allowed to put the coats on and roll around on the floor. The marvellous thing is the customer experience. One can just pop in, in any garb because it isn't Bond St etc. You can, if you fancy, hop off your horse and pop in - perfect.

Mind you seeing how weather is going I'll be lucky if I manage to get dressed, am running out of socks and proper warm clothes.


  1. I am going to sound very old fashioned but I love Max Mara its always great quality and if I buy something you can guarantee that it is in my wardrobe for years xx

  2. Dear Kate, I'm with you and Ruth. I love Maxmara and Sportmax. The quality is fantastic and they do some great pieces. I love Wimbledon Village there are some lovely shops.

    I've made a dent in my shopping. All online so far. I think I'll get away with a two hour dash into the West End for the rest. Then hopefully it's all done. I've cut back a lot this year. I was going to get The Actor an iPad until my laptop broke. That's been swerved now. He won't even know! xx

  3. Hi there-I actually saw a gorgeous Maxmara cashmere camel coat in Oxfam about 3 weeks ago for £70-sadly, I didn't have funds but if it was maxi length I think I would have bought it somehow!! Hope you have a good weekend, keep warm my dear!!

  4. Ooh did you buy the Mad Men frock? Lovely!

    The weather is horrid isn't it? I'm running out of socks as well and I have a stupidly large collection of them!

    Hadn't planned on pom-poming as part of the giveaway but I'll have to see if I can squeeze one in somewhere... If you'd like a headband or necklace/scarf I'd love to make one for you though :)

  5. Wimbledon Village is so pretty isn't it (I am North but can appreciate South ;). And I am a Max Mara fan too - I actually have a black Sportsmax slim-fitting biker style suit on my 'to ebay' pile - it is 90s so not vintage enough for the store. Would probably have fit you too, should have dragged it out on Sat! x

  6. What a lovely post of a real Londorer. I only know the tourist part of London, but I have quite a few friend bloggers all around london.
    We spend most of the summer in England. This year will be Northumberland ( my husband birthplace) and Yorkshire.

  7. I rarely go south of the river, but I have visited Wimbledon a few times, it has a nice feel to it (reminds me of Notting Hill in its 'part chic/villagy, part down-at-heel' thing).

  8. I love Wimbledon Village.

    Delighted to have discovered your blog!

    Kate xx

  9. I have been told that the shop assistants in Matches act as if they work in Bond St! So I shall stick with buying online from them (when I can afford it!)

  10. I know nothing about Wimbledon but tennis. Thanks for expanding my knowledge.


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