Thursday, 9 December 2010

Make it black and white

I love a Christmas tree theme and when Next sent me some twelve days of Christmas images I felt inspired and some of my churlish, bored of cold, not doing Christmas pout began to melt.

I've been inspired to do a black and white theme now this year. I was toying with gold and white but the French Hen above swung it for me with the oh so cute beret. And when I found these gorgeous glittery stags on the Next website the deal was sealed. Now all I have to do is get the tree...


  1. Dear Kate, black and white sounds lovely. I'm so boring I always do the same which is gold and silver. I have so much gold wrapping paper stashed under the stairs it seems a shame to waste it xx

  2. How cute are they I especially like the bird in the beret!!
    I cant believe youve met CL and Viv I am seriously going to have to start stalking you ;-)

    Arent I an idiot not thinking to let you know I was coming down this weekend, I was so worried the trains would get cancelled all plans other than getting shoes when out the window! Anyway I should be back in Jan so will def let you know x

  3. Hi there-lovely theme, simple and chic! xx

  4. How lovely, you are an artist!!!

  5. I love those birds! The French Hen is brilliant.

  6. Heidi - I know I love the french hen, normally I avoid such blatant pr pushes and plugs but I'm a sucker for a good illustration!


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