Sunday, 19 December 2010


When the snow has fallen and the idea of stepping outside fills you with dread instead of that bracing bravery then what is a girl to do other than pick Spring Summer 11 items. Suddenly my grey world is about to ping with yellow, orange, bright green and azure blue - yippee (if only it were so...)

Miu Miu polka dot silk crepe de Chine scarf £150

In case you feel tempted by those Prada banana earrings at £300...I'm coming to your rescue. Voice of reason £300 on banana earrings is not a good idea. It is ..well...quite frankly...bananas!
Choose Miu Miu instead with these Swarovski crystal heart earrings at £100 if you must flaunt your designer mast on your ears.

Bag this bit of sunshine now!

But don't wear any of the above with this perfect orange dress! It will keep you cheery from now until April.

Michael Kors Boucle wool-blend shift dress £910

And keep your fingers crossed these blue babies are in the sale or hot foot it over to the Outnet.
Ah feel better about the grey skies and white snow I'm surrounded by already.


  1. Lovely colours! Bring on the Spring/Summer pleeeeeeeeze..

  2. Hi there-I love the banana colour bag, all so summery and inspirational!! xx

  3. Green AND polka dots?! Oh yes please!

  4. Those polkadots are amazingly fab! Feeling warmer already!

  5. great pops of color! esp. that yellow bag, yum! xx

  6. Oh thank you so much for this pick me up. Xxxx

  7. One consolation for getting older and feeling like time goes by faster and faster is that it will be spring, like, tomorrow.

  8. I'm insane about dots at the moment and love the green silk scarf you've picked out - sigh - not for me at that price though:(. I agree with WendyB, spring will be just around the corner for you! :) xo

  9. Oh I love that scarf.
    It's like Minnie Mouse gone eco friendly!!!!


  10. Dear Kate, it's lovely to see such gorgeous colours. Orange is my favourite cheery colour xx

  11. miu miu flats are so beautiful

  12. Mmm, thanks, Kate! Needed a zing of colour in these grey days. I was brave this Christmas and ditched the usual all-black ensemble for reds and golds and cobalt blues...


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