Saturday, 18 December 2010

High Street Pick of the Week

A last minute present, or life saver is on offer this week. I would like to give you sequins, fun and laughter but it appears it is batten down the hatches, stoke up the fires and hope the blizzard misses you.

If you've already got the wellies to cope with our snow that quickly turns to slush, but need the warmth then your best bet is a pair of Hunter's socks for inside your wellies to keep toes warm.

My insiders tip is a good old ebay seller Country Attire, after all ebay is practically high street these days. Of course the downside is the fact the snow plus Christmas will preclude a swift delivery but you plan ahead for future cold times or country walks.

I'm fully appreciative that welly socks are hardly the most exciting wardrobe item but due to snow I would have to say this is the one December I've not even bothered to peep in store. I nipped into Harrods for some last minute items and a Chanel nail polish on Thursday but that is it.

Update the 12 noon scenes around me 14 miles south of Central London to give it some perspective. You'll note how handy welly socks are and I did get mine from Country Attire on eBay. The picture quality is pants as it is my 3 year old blackberry which I must upgrade!

You can tell it was a blizzard due to how the snow has covered the tree trunks

Genuine snow covered door wreath


  1. Hi my dear-yes, its settling so quick and heavy here too, this morning we went to Lakeside-no snow and came home through a blizzard, lol!!

  2. So fun, darling!
    Can't wait for our first snowfall!


  3. Love your photos and your door wreath. I had my camera out with me earlier and got a couple of snow shots too.

  4. I'll definitely add these to my must-have list! Blackpool had quite a bit of snow overnight so I definitely could have done with some wellie socks today when I was walking two jack russells home in the snow.

  5. I think these wellie socks are a fab idea and a great accessory, I did blog about them a while back, are they cheaper from the ebay seller than from office or NAP?

  6. Is that the fabbo red trousers making an appearance? How appropriately festive!

    I've stayed in today but may brave the snow tomorrow and go for a walk if it's not too horribly cold. No welly socks for me though - don't own wellies due to having fat calves so it'll have to be my trusty walking boots.

  7. far we haven't had snow that's stuck this year...I would be happy if we missed out on it entirely this winter. Hate wearing snow boots!

  8. I know it is probably super annoying but it looks so pretty. Particularly the gorgeous door wreath.

  9. Dear Kate, the socks look great. I could definitely do with a pair of them. I know the snow is a pain but it's a great excuse for staying in xx


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