Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dress a blogger for Hanukkah, Christmas, Happy Holidays

Perhaps I'm taking the easy option today by dressing this blogger for the festive season because she probably would wear anything just to try it on. For Christina from Fashion's Most Wanted I've chosen a daytime look imaging Christina dispensing mince pies around the East End with good cheer.

Of course I have to get the basics right so this jumpsuit from French Connection is the perfect starting point and it is on sale now at £120

Then we need a knit to add a layer of warmth, buttoned up of course!

I wouldn't want her catching a cold so this knitted turban £20 from ASOS is just the ticket to keep her warm.Whilst the muffler will keep her hands and the mince pies toasty!

These Topshop clog boots are fitting for the 'hard times' East End and will help her to stomp around plus add a clash of colour to the rest of the outfit. Note, jumpsuit must be tucked in giving slight cosack feel to this look.

You know what I fancy this look myself!


  1. I saw that cardi and fell in love with it.
    I bought their satchel bag and love it xx

  2. I love the pinky hat!!


  3. And all in her favourite colours! I can definitely see her looking winter chic in the jumpsuit and turban.

  4. Dear Kate, that's so funny, I am terrible at dressing in the daytime and really bad at knitwear. That cardigan is gorgeous! And the turban! I love it!

    Hope you're having a great day. We are going to watch films when I've managed to drag The Actor away from the footie results. I must try and see a bit of X Factor and Strictly too xx

  5. Christina is most definitely a turban gal. She'd look great in this lot :-)

    Ali x

  6. Hi there-I can just imagine Christina in this lovely ensemble, just love the cardi and turban, really great picks here! xx

  7. so cute! i love the sweater and muff :) xx

  8. Turbans have been appealing to me too lately, very Little Edie!

  9. That French Connection jumpsuit is fantastic! I love the fact that it's black, which makes it so chic. Gotta get me one of those :0


  10. I LOVE all your selections, but especially the boots!


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