Sunday, 7 September 2008

French Dressing

This is a bit of a cheats post as I'm sharing a link to an interview in The Sunday Times with the undeniably uber stylish Carine Roitfeld.
Somewhat of an enfant terrible after a fashion with her love of cigarettes and fur (I forgive her) she is unashamedly all about her and therein lies the appeal of French Vogue - enjoy the article and there is hope for me as a mid-level stylist!


  1. Hi there-I hope I'm stylish when I hit her age-she really rocks!!

  2. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed the article. There will always be controversy about peoples likes and dislikes (cigarettes, fur, porn, crocs (!)) I say, "to each his (her) own."

  3. As a gal who does not read fashion magazines, I was wondering if you think French Vogue is more representational of how French women dress than American Vogue is. I am all for fashion fantasy---but I am more interested in seeing how real people translate fashion into something more wearable and enduring.

    I am off to read the magazine. I adore an enfant terrible!! And, merci for the link!!

  4. Thanks for sharing that link - I find Carine Roitfeld a very interesting and inspiring character. If I were tall, thin, rich and gorgeous I would be just like her!!

  5. Anyone who styles and publishes a shoot dedicated to her own personal style is a goddess...Carine 1, Anna 0


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