Friday, 26 September 2008

In a spin

Now some bloggers get to do very cool things in the evening, (cough, Ms Bubble & Ms Roy and yes Ms. Dressed & Pressed, gals about town!) Moi, I mainly get to do bath time and books before catching up on things and blogs.
So, when Miele, invited me as a guest to the start of London Fashion Weekend and as it was before 7pm I thought why not. At 9:30am yesterday, I sat down to a lovely cappuccino in Cafe Primo in South Kensington with the Miele PR & Marketing agency peeps from 1000 Heads and Helene a fellow blogger of The Luxe Chronicles.
When I first got the invite I thought someone was pulling my leg as I'm a bit of a washing nut. I can talk for hours on all manner of fabric care and pour forth on DIY dry cleaning solutions. When I found out it was a genuine invite I then upped my stakes and demanded a washing machine, no, actually they told me it was a champagne breakfast so I replied yes in a interweb nano second.

Equally I couldn't resist a bit of fabric geekery and to check out a Miele other than my mother's one. Actually the most important element of the event was the launch of the Miele fashion award more of which later... in part three. This is part one and it is all about me - well all about the incidental stuff!

Outside the site and remnants of LFW, the PR girl was meant to get my sequined cape(let) in not the board!

All the samples were on rails for punters to purchase later - this was the Sass & Bide stall.

Jasper Garvida the 3rd Project Catwalk winner (with friend) - he was here to announce the details of the Miele Fashion competition

Me with Mark Foster, British Olympic Swimmer, World Record Holder etc who currently isn't washing his clothes as he's appearing on Strictly Come Dancing and has a housekeeper. When he isn't stood next to me and making me look like a dweeb - come on he last posed with Paris Hilton and I'm looking like a complete...... - he buys his tee shirts from American Apparel and only puts his pants and socks in the tumble dryer. I told him he wasn't allowed to mention his swimming trunks and lycra.

During the breakfast my style booker phoned me to clarify some dates in the diary. She knew I was at the Miele event so asked if I was having fun. Of course I was after two glasses of champagne - I hope she didn't hear the PR correcting me firmly in the background saying 'you've had three.' Technically I'd had 2 and was on my third.



  1. I'll match your 3 shampoos to the 2 (friday arvo) beers I've sunk and I'll meet you at the wash basin. We'll give that moose head a nice scrub before you 'make it work'.

  2. Sounds like a blast, champagne for breakfast - doesn't get better than that :)

  3. Oh my-how fabulous!!! It looks like you had an amazing time and the sequin capelet looks great with the stripey top, loving it!! The champagne was a great bonus, I'm sure!! Nice to see you in photos, you should do it more regularly! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh, so nice to see you, you're beautiful!!!!!!!

    Sounds you had a great time, enjoying it and having fun.

    I agree that you should post pictures of you more regularly.


  5. Is the swimmer man single? I'd do his washing in a flash! x

  6. How funny. You always make me laugh. That Mark Foster bloke is very tall isn't he.

  7. wow..what a life!love you dear..must be enjoy the moment

  8. I really love your blog and my friends do, don't understand why a magazine or newspaper hasn't snapped you up.

  9. You are gorgeous and lovely as I imagined you to be.I agree with anony, you are short for the blogosphere and will soon be terribly famous. Please don't forget us when you are.

    And, help a weasel out,please share your secret for doing red lips and keeping them on when you are on your third glass of bubbley. Also, I see no red marks on the glass. You have secrets and you must share them.

  10. Imelda Matt - you lightweight only 2! I'll meet you at the wash basin, moose head.
    Del. Ind. - actually I had breakfast at 7am, I pinched some of petit garcon's shreddies!
    Sharon Rose - you do photos fabulously. Without a helping hand I'm useless.
    The Seeker - I love an excuse to lark around.
    Zoe - given he was such a good sport I rather failed on the status facts for washer women!
    Fashion addict - he is a tall fellow. One is nothing but a frump at 5'6" next to 6'6"
    A.C.Goddess ah yes always enjoy the moment.
    Anon - you are too kind. I'm sure I'd give an editor grey hairs!
    La Belette Rouge - oh no secret ma dear, just the perfect lipstick by La Roche Posey, a pinky red number 196. They do the bes tlipstick in the world and only in France. I need to pop over!

  11. How fab!! Looks like a great time!

  12. I was invited too and said yes a couple weeks ago, but due to my packed schedule this week I had to cancel my spot two days sad!!!! I forward your details to Molly, as she wanted more fashion bloggers to join the event.

  13. That's a champagne-watt smile, K!

    I can't wait to hear the rest.

  14. I would really love to read about those DIY dry cleaning-solutions you mentioned, if you don´t mind sharing them with us!:)

  15. Anon- I will do a separate post on this, I've made reference to it before but I will do a full one very soon.


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