Monday, 8 September 2008

Winter wonders

Those of us hoping for an Indian summer to make up for our complete lack of summer (this is the UK it is always the same) are now resigning ourselves to winter fayre. I had to change my blog to recognise that I could no longer pretend I was amusing myself in the South of France or the Amalfi coast.

Yesterday I went to pick a load of blackberries before anymore rain completely destroys the remaining crop. I managed to freeze a kilo of the little beauts. On my wanderings I also found the perfect tree to climb which I duly did to test it of course. I'm determined for the petit garcon to be adventurous and enjoy messing about outdoors. I really enjoyed a moment alone up a tree, it really was an easy young Oak with perfect wide seating branches. My outfit of Lucky jeans, Hunter wellingtons, American Apparel grey sweat top and a tartan scarf was suitable Sunday tree wear.

However had it been a week day I think I'd rather be sporting this wintery number from Warehouse

Winter Paisley Dress £65 - Warehouse


  1. I'd love to see a picture of you up in the tree (much as those little poppets in your header are very cute, I rather see you)!

    If your petit garcon is anything like my little dude, you won't be able to stop the outdoor adventuring...

  2. What a great dress!!! I also like very much the new header!

  3. I'm a country boy in the city and I really miss blackberry picking! So many summers spent searching out the little gems with my sister. Tree climbing, den building and all the other childhood country pursuits have been sadly left behind. It is nice to indulge in a little adventure every now and then though - I may take a leaf out of your book and run amock in a field when the next ray of sunshine finally hits.

  4. Love the new header, it's a great photo! Glad you rescued the rest of hte blackberries. I had to rescue the remaining apples on my tree yesterday too, as I woke in the morning to find most of them on the floor!

  5. And the picture of you in the tree is where?

  6. Good for you! Hold onto summer through pictures and frozen blackberries. However, if winter is coming the paisley dress is a great way to feel better about it.

  7. Ha! Indian summer! To cheep you up, it hasn't been so clever in France either this year...
    But at least now I am in the UK, I will be able to purchase some of the lovely outfits you post here!

    Mademoiselle M.

  8. I love that Duro-y looking dress from Warehouse. It'd be great with wellies.

    It's not "summer" anymore here, either, if you can believe that. It's been cool every morning and I can feel the long months of "winter" are on their way.

  9. I can just picture you lounging in a tree, dangling your wellie-fied feets off a branch. What fun!

  10. Love the new header! oooh I haven't climbed a tree for a few years, I think I'll put it on my "to do" list! Great warehouse dress too. :-)

  11. ENC - that dress would look great with wellies, I agree.

  12. Hi there-I leave the tree climbing to my boys now, I'd rather sit and watch, haha!! I love this Warehouse dress, very nice indeed!

  13. Skye - hope so mix of open space versus young London thugs!
    Alinea - thanks!
    Inspire the Starling - lots of bushes and open space in London and the edge, easy to get to.
    Delicious Industries - must get together and make blackberry & apple pie!
    Imelda Matt - I'm the one with pink fluffy hat and ski pants - I have no shame!
    La Belette Rouge - if only we'd had a summer I'd be embrace Autumn with open arms. It is my fav time of year.
    MadeleineMiranda - you'll be able to shop very well in newcastle no doubt.
    Enc - I'd ditch the wellies for some fierce boots straightaway.
    Everybodysaysdon't - Tree climbing is the new going out!
    SharonRose - come on get with the tree climbing. The Warehouse dress is actually silk and is lovely, but I'm being very good....

  14. Beautiful!! Hope they carry it here in Oslo.

  15. Beautiful!! Hope they carry it here in Oslo.

  16. Thank you so much for droping by my blog and left a nice note.

    I didn't know yours, and I'm liking it a lot.

    So... I'll be back ;)

    That dress is amazing!

    We are still with hot weather.
    I do love blackberries!


  17. LOVE that dress!!! Very tempting.

  18. Awesome dress. I would wear it with patterned tights and wine or teal wedges or heels.

    This is a fun blog!


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