Sunday, 14 September 2008

London Fashion Week part 1

It's begun and I've done one afternoon and that's enough for me. Luckily I'm working all week or I'd be sucked in. My feet hurt and I'm tired. Also I let you all down, I nearly took a photo of Peaches Geldorf plus 2 others doing a piece to camera but as I poised to take it, I sort of just went no in my head and didn't. Don't know what I was thinking of in the first place.

I duly made my way to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout catwalk as I'd been invited to the Karen Borst London show via the ever thoughtful Rebekah Roy of Stylist Stuff

Inside the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue

Once there I stumbled across, well actually I couldn't miss Tracy Rose as she was wearing such an amazing metallic ruffled or is that ruffled metallic hat. Turns out she is a millinery and a statement head turning one at that. Tracy and her husband Russell Rose are also currently writing a book called Fashion Fabulous London to be published next year at the A/W 09 London Fashion Week.

Tracy Rose wearing her hat

The matching detail on Tracy's skirt

I'll be filing my next LFW reports later as I need sleep but more importantly have to catch up on everyone elses blogs first......


  1. I can't wait to read them all! Please let me know if you see/hear anything of Basso & Brooke!

    Night night!

  2. ahh I was a stylist's assistant/dresser at Karen Brost's last fashion week show, it was a joy to work with her and the team.

    Glad you've had a wonderful time!!

  3. So exciting! Can't wait to hear more - the living vicariously through others is such a fun part of reading blogs!

  4. That's a helluva headpiece!

  5. Hi there-what an exciting and fabulous day, can't wait to see the rest of your posts!!

  6. Hi there-what an exciting and fabulous day, can't wait to see the rest of your posts!!

  7. I'm excited after NYC I need something to keep me awake until Milan...and you're the hit I need.

  8. What is everyones fascination with Peaches Geldoff? I don't quite understand it, I do however, understand that hat and I WANT IT.

  9. Looks like a wonderful day. Cant wait to see more photos!!

  10. It's your jaded commentary that I was looking forward to and I agree transport me to Milan stat.

    Have you ever styled a shoot with Camilla's shoes?

  11. Imelda Matt - nope I haven't but I would love to use her. haven't had the right brief for ages to warrant it. I love her and Rupert Sanderson the most but my heart belongs to Blanhik! Oh and some Tods loafers, Chanel pumps, Loboutin heels -ah hang it I'm a shoe whore.

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