Friday, 5 September 2008

I got to thinking...

(Sorry for faux Carrie title, thanks Coco!) ...but is the credit crunch such a a bad thing? I'm not talking about hard times here or the impact of rising prices on people's spending power - that's a whole other area.

I'm more concerned with the impact on design. If we become more selective in our purchases due to available funds will we be looking for more inspiration or playing it safe? Will designers go for glory to create demand or will they worry about the bottom line and risk taking?

The coming shows might give us an indication of what's to come. And if the designers don't deliver will the street take charge and set the pace? What do you think?


  1. Ha ha it doesn't bother me if you use to Carrie got to thinking.

  2. Doesn't it usually mean conservatism - lower hemlines and all that? I know that's what came out of the early 90s recession - the minimalist stuff.

  3. I can only speak for myself, but I know that if I ever manage to get to shopping (i can only get to thinking these days, as it's free!) (heheh excuse the pun) I will be playing it safe. I don't mean I'll look for trends, but I'll try to get things I can use for more than a month before they look out of date in a split second!

  4. You have a great blog here...can't believe I've not stumbled across you before - but today noticed your name on lots of blogs! Care to swap links my dear? Cx

  5. What a great question. I feel rather ill-equipped to answer it, but would guess that we'll see a lot more playing-it-safe than crazy experimentation. Skye's point makes sense to me.

  6. I do think that designers will play it safer. But, I am a bit of a classics gal--so that swing to more conservative designs is a good thing for me closet.

  7. I think that is always hard to see something new and and wearable, i hope i can see something like that...let´s wait...

    a kiss :)

  8. Hi there-yes, thinking back to the last major recession, as Skye pointed out, was that the start of the Marc Jacobs grunge look? But there will always be money to be spent on fashion-particularly haute couture, I read a little while ago Karl Lagerfeld has customers lined up from mainly Russian clientele for whom £25000 for a piece is quite a normal spend. I suppose for the likes of 'miss and mrs average' we take pride in creating our own styles regardless of the amount of money involved to get there.

  9. Hi
    Coco - you know I love ya blog so I couldn't resist a bit of amuesment...
    Skye - yes I thought so too but have they learnt from then?
    Aliena - I agree that buying will become more personal and require longevity - so will personal style be more important?
    Inspiring the Starling - pleasure
    to link x
    Sal - how can you not have an opinion! I do think playing it safe will be a default for many but who will challenge this - ourselves or desingers? Sorry I'm adding more questions this is a brewer..
    La Belette Rouge - I love that your closet is conservative you always seem such a rebel!
    Kira Fashion - hm the new is difficult but we'll see.
    SharonRose - you know what MJ and grunge was my first thought along with All Saints (the band) I'm hoping for a left of field shift again!

  10. I'm just wondering if the luxury bubble of 1500 bags will pop. The credit crunch has been hitting a certain population but when Diddy is complaining about not being able to take a private jet anymore, you know it's serious.

  11. It's highly possible, and I'd love it if consumers took back the fashion and the streets. It's time for a reality check with prices and feasibility.

  12. Hi Kate-I've left you an award on my blog!!

  13. I think things become simpler for some and more outrageous for others :)

    x Grayburn


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