Monday, 29 September 2008

The Miele Fashion Prize

Apologies for the through the gathered throng shot to the moment when...Jasper Garvinda announced the Miele Fashion Price
The Miele prize, is in conjunction with Sparks the children's medical research charity , gives the opportunity to design a dress to be worn by a surprise celebrity at the Sparks charity fashion show in October 2009.
Jasper Garvinda the series 3 Project Catwalk winner (the programme was axed by Sky1) will be making the winning outfit.

It's a great opportunity for fashion students or any designers to grab the spotlight. Jasper struggled with the planned formal announcement, you know the 'delighted to be involved' lines that seem so pointless yet are de rigueur for some reasons. Then he managed to delight us all when he went off piste and delivered this little gem:
"Fashion shouldn't be just throw away. It is about making a statement in your wardrobe. What we wear should reflect our personalities and be as precious as our memories."
How make do style was that!
I'm loving the slow fashion movement, just like the slow food movement, there is a move amongst the fash pash to reclaim some wardrobe wonders. Items that are perfect to wear no matter what the current trends. It is as if the convenience of the high street and the fast food of trends are starting to feel a bit like living off microwave meals, cheap and quick but lacking in ingredients.
And it was in this vain that Helene of The Luxe Chronicles (who also has done a proper interview with Jasper) and I debated many things relating to fashion during the London Fashion Weekend show, when really we should have being watching the models, but hey it was this season's A/W clothes and you know we're already on S/S09!

Pics from the taste of A/W08 in case you'd forgotten what to wear!


  1. Hi there-It sounded like a real memorable day, Kate and I love these a/w 08 piccys, winters not set in yet and so much talk of s/s 09 already!! Hope to see you in your Mango leopardprint coat soon-pleese!!

  2. Yeah, sounds you enjoyed your day. How great.
    And yes, it's even not yet Fall and it's a buzz about Spring.
    Love the pictures.


  3. Man, I love fashion shows. The Miele award is great for fashion designers..there are so many talented people out there and they need to be recognized!

    Oh btw, a good uk e-tailer that I shop at and you might already know is Do you feel spoiled for choices there because there are so many great shops to choose from?

    x Grayburn

  4. I'd love to have all that tartan.

    I'm glad people are coming out against speedy/throwaway wear. It's time we were allowed to have something in our closets for more than five minutes.

  5. I love the notion of slow clothes. I have never heard it before. Really lovely. I hope this trend takes hold and becomes something permanent. I have grown tired of fast-food clothing.

  6. Me three: It'd be nice to see the public moving away from disposable culture.

  7. "Slow fashion" - I love that!

  8. Yeah, I'm all for slowing down, fash and food included. Yum xx

  9. slow fashion, finally! i'd be happy if we could enjoy a trend for more than a season.

  10. I want that jumpsuit. It is so slinky.

  11. You obviously had a ball with these washing machine related shenanigans!

  12. I love the idea of slow fashion, too. And that plaid dress is amazing!

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