Friday, 12 September 2008

An outlet for thrifting...

It's not everyday you get fantastic views whilst driving but on my shoot on Wednesday and Thursday I got to view the splendid Somerset countryside.

This wasn't exactly the view from my car but I did see the amazing Glastonbury Tor as I made my way to Clarks Village Outlet Shopping to select clothing for the shoot in Wells. The Somerset countryside is stupendous and mile upon mile of undulating roads, green fields and glorious villages. No wonder Alice Temperley has her country home here and hosts an annual cider party

The outlet is in Street and is host to various high street stores and independent retailers. I had great fun 'shopping' selecting the outfits for the A/W and Christmas Party promotional shoot.

I was also really impressed at the potential to make some real savings. I had pulled together a theme and ideas to focus my collation of stock for the photo shoot and I managed most of my wish list. One dress I selected from Coast was down from £300 odd to £98 and it was beautiful embroidered 1920s style dress. An outlet village does provide a great opportunity for bargains but I think you should have a list to keep you on budget and be prepared for a few surprise gems.

Wells, was a great location for the shoot although I did have quite a few Hot Fuzz moments which amused the model and PR person. The Swan Hotel itself was gorgeous and the staff were so helpful and accommodating that the shoot went like a dream - not like my dream's prior to the work.

Wells Cathedral


  1. Hi there-soo pleased everything went well for you, excellent news!

  2. Lovely photos, and you must have the most interesting job too!!!

    Take care,

    Mademoiselle M.

  3. beautiful location, hope it didn't rain on that day it would spoil the beautiful view.

    Hope the shoot went well too.


  4. SharonRose - yes it was a relief, got it all to do again next week at Braintree,Essex. It's only because it was non studio shoot since the petit garcon!
    Mademoiselle M. - it is interesting but it's also the same as any other job.
    the Fashion Ass - ah we did have a spot of rain but luckily just passing showers and plenty indoor locations too.

  5. So happy your shoot went like a dream and not like a dream come true. Ah, you know what I mean.;-)

    The photos are gorgeous!

    Have a lovely weekend filled with sweet dreams.:-)

  6. So glad it went well. I do like a bargain,so I'd like to visit the clarks villiage one day and Somerset is beautiful. (Hot fuzz was great too!! :-)

  7. I agree: A list is a must at the outlet mall. Otherwise, things get out of hand (and out of budget) in mere minutes! At least, they do for me ...

  8. Yay! I'm so glad none of your dreams came true (how often do you get to say that to people?) and the shoot went so well.

    I love the fact that in the UK it's called an "outlet village" as opposed to an outlet mall or factory outlet (as we call it here). It sounds so much friendlier!

  9. Everything went swimmingly then? You swanned around and dealt with the Hot Fuzz with aplomb, I see. :)

  10. Very pretty...I'm looking for a country retreat like that.... need it after fashion week...


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