Monday, 22 September 2008

Award ceremony

The talented and totally brilliant La Belette Rouge kindly gave me this delightful little award. I was second to Observationmode but I can't think of anyone better to be behind! It's nice to be appreciated and is timely as I deal with more tears induced by chicken pox - no not me the petit garcon. Mind you I'm close to the edge.....


  1. Ooh, "talented and totally brilliant." Merci mon amie!!You are far too kind to me. :-)

    Let me clarify, lovely you, that you are second to no one. I love all 5 of you totally and absolutely and you all make my day. So there;-)... However, I have yet to hear from George Clooney. I know you were going to send him over. I am waiting..

    Hope both you and petit garcon feel much better very soon. xo

  2. Hang on in there, mama!! This will one day be but a distant memory, I promise!!

  3. Poor petit garcon and poor you - horrible pox be gone!

    You very much deserve lots of love and awards and kindness too!

  4. Oh cool, congrats! Oh my..the pox is upon...but petit garcon is still smiling!

    x Grayburn

  5. Congrats :D
    Keep going ma chére, this shall pass and soon it just will be in memorie....
    But like Grayburn says he's still smiling, the cute petit garçon ;)


  6. Congratulations! Poor boy, hope he gets over it soon!

  7. I can't imagine that award was given in order of preference! We're all pals in the blogosphere!

    Congratulations on this award, Kate.

    I hope your little guy gets better soon, and that you don't catch the pox.

  8. La Belette Rouge and Enc - I was only joking it was a cheap way of making a behind remark!!

  9. Another congratulations - you're going to need a big virtual shelf for all these awards!

  10. Gah! The medieval curse that is the pox! (Big sympathetic noises and virtual hugs.) But congrats on the award, isn't the bloggy world cosy? xx


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