Monday, 20 October 2008

Back on track

Thank goodness this is a blog because if it was an ipod download you'd be getting nothing for quite a while - OK the cheeky one in the corner who shouted hooray will get heavy breathing phone calls from me! I've got laryngitis and I briefly lost my voice completely although Mr MD&M was probably secretly happy until he realised that a mute me was more irritating than a vocal me.

Yesterday I braved the outdoors to celebrate our wedding anniversary which is today. I had a pashmina caressing my neck to keep it warm and snug. It was a suitable low key lunch at Carluccios with the petit garçon in tow. The sad fact about laryngitis is it gives you an aversion to alcohol! I managed one glass of prosecco with lunch and even that was a struggle. The other sad fact was MrMD&M was bl**dy hungover after a stag night. So I fleeced him for a top from Reiss to make up for being abandoned whilst ill and looking after a small child.

That's a mighty fine and large neck muff you're sporting.

The Reiss top is to wear on Thursday to the House of Masquerade in Shoreditch. I refer you to this by Disneyrollergirl. Now my invite from Absolut Vodka was supplemented by a rather nice little parcel which arrived on Saturday.

They sent me a really cool sequin zipped up bottle of vodka and a gorgeous mask. It makes for an interesting display on the book shelf and made me think I needed to make the effort for Thursday night, hence a new top. Although I have to pay him back as technically the money was for our wedding anniversary present - we are still collecting Vera Wang Grosgrain china and need more espresso cups!

The china does only come out twice a year but it is a sheer delight and the only grown up things I possess. This spurred me on to do my most put off chore of the year the ebay listings. Luckily it was free listing day if you set start price at 99p and so I dutifully did the unused items. One is a cocktail dress that I had for a TV presenter, who's name escapes me and she never wore it.

I think I got it because it was very classic and on budget (for mid level TV peeps!). I just have to clear out stuff as I find too much makes me feel stifled. The only items I hang onto for my work are belts and costume jewellery. I can keep these without feeling oppressed by them. If I had a unit where I could store clothes I would keep them. My own personal wardrobe is kept quite streamlined otherwise I couldn't cope with too many clothes. I know some people can have wardrobes stuffed full of things but I have one drawer for t-shirts and jumpers and one wardrobe for my stuff. I have managed to sneak my lbds and a few other evening items into MrMD&Ms one which doesn't seem to bother me for some reason!

The only item of mine I'm parting with is a J Crew blazer. I bought it last September in New York and the first day I wore it was to a meeting in St Christopher's Place, London. It was quite informal in a coffee shop and I bounded in all chipper and was greeted with the sight of another person sat there with the same ruddy blazer on! I never wore it again. Usually I don't mind about someone else having a retail item the same but I never got over this encounter.


  1. Happy Anniversary and Snap!
    We actually went out on Saturday night to Aya for Sushi, Then Carluccios (Dublin) for Coffee and biscotti to warm up after the draughty sushi bar. We woke up on our actual 20th anniversary in The Berkley Court. A really nice 17 hour break for us (I had to count up the hours for the babysitter)

    You look great and I am glad you enjoyed your day. It even looks sunny in your part of LDN.

  2. Hi there-Happy Anniversary to you both!! Have been missing your posts, glad you are back in blogland!! Is that the Leopard print coat I can spy-it sure looks fabulous!! Lucky you for this forthcoming event-please do a post sharing all the details!!

  3. Happy anniversary!

    Singlehanded child wrangling while ill definitely deserves many lovely gifts in my opinion (and I know of what I speak!)

  4. Love your coat! Happy Anny! Glad you are feeling better :-)

  5. Happy Anniversaree! And hope your feeling better.

    I'll be at the Absolut thing as well be great to finally meet you there!

  6. Mend thyself, MD&M! And happy anniversary, lady.

  7. Happy Anniversary!! What a sweet pic of the three of you. Feel better soon...

  8. Happy Anniversary. Sorry your laryngitis prohibited imbibing. Champagne is a lovely way to celebrate another year of love.

  9. The one time I had laryngitis was when I worked at CNN. I was so happy to not have to answer people's stupid questions for a few days.

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I have an invite from Absolute Vodka for House of Masquerade too, won't be going though....busy. And how come you have the freebie????!!! I didn't?!

  11. Happy Anniversary, you look lovely and cosy! Hope you've got your voice back by House of Masquerade cos I'm going too ... shall see you there! But like Style Slicker I'm yet to receive my official invite. Boo! xx

  12. It's chilly here as well so I'm also draped in cozy things. What a glam looking bottle of vodka! And yes, I need to do the same..get rid of stuff lying around.

    Embryolisse was such a great rec, thank you thank you! The smell and texture is addictive!

    brrrrr...i better slip into bed now. It's gonna be a cold night.

    x Grayburn

  13. Happy Anniversary!!!

    You look beautiful despite not feeling very well.

    I hope you'e feeling better and get well soon dear


  14. Happy Anniversary to you both! You may have felt like crap but you looked good and thats the most important thing, right?
    I think you deserve the top AND the china for your services to child-minding whilst suffering laryngitis. Does this also mean you haven't drunk the vodka yet? (its medicinal you know).

  15. Happy Anniversary, Kate. I hope you feel better soon.

  16. happy anniversary! funny jcrew story, this happened to me once with a diesel top and i've never worn it since, it was one of those moments!
    hope you feel better soon.

  17. Happy anniversary...and I tip my hat at your shifty smarts!

  18. Happy anniversary!! I agree that china does make you feel very grown up when you own it :)


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