Friday, 10 October 2008

How not to scare people with clothes..

Continuing the theme of sorts on dualism, there's a great piece on by Creative director, Joe Zee on trends you can wear well or not! Referencing the impending Halloween, Trick or Treat, Joe uses it to give tips on personal styling on certain themes.

I'll cut to the chase I love this look!


PS I'm a bit late posting today because I might have acquired a minor martini hangover courtesy of Everybodysaysdon't we met up for drinks last night and it was hilarious. It was a lovely night in Covent Garden and great to have finally met up!


  1. Hi! Yes it was great! (I felt a little worse for wear this morning too!!) xxx

  2. Martini headaches are definitely the best kind!

  3. Are there oxygen bars in London? I hear oxygen automatically cures a hangover. Glad you had a lovely evening and sorry for the pain. A clear head is required when you start with Roland Barthes.

  4. FUN! I just set up my first meeting with a bloggy friend ... and I'm stupidly nervous. Glad to hear your meet up was a success!

  5. Hi there-hope you both had a lovely time-martini is my favourite for a hangover the next day too!! Not sure where to start or finish with this outfit! I'll pass and wish you a wonderful weekend my dear!!!

  6. Sounds you had a great time, how nice!!!
    Some day I hope I will be able to meet a blogger pal...
    I know it's difficult me being in this island, but one can always dream...

    Oh I must check that article.
    Thank you for sharing.


  7. Oh you rascal!

    I'll go check this out.

  8. I'm jealous I missed out on drinks.

  9. I'll check the article out... and the look is great, but too daring for me...


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