Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Bear with me

It snowed overnight for the first time in October in London for 70 years. Yes I woke up to a smattering of snow and a very cold day. Then I had lectures from 11 to 5 and if that wasn't enough I got home to my next film to view, Marlene Dietrich in Morocco and December's issue of Easy Living! Can you believe it a) London was like a Dickins novel today and b)I had my first bah humbug moment. I love Christmas but I never want it to start until the 1st day of December.

I want to enjoy Halloween and Bonfire night first, then a bit of a rest before the full assault of festiveness.

Mind you there is a lovely festive sequin skirt by Pink Soda Boutique in December's Easy Living, if I wasn't feeling so grumpy and poor I'd cheer myself up with some retail therapy.

I'll be cheery again before next post and for those of you who missed BBC2's British Style Genius then here's the iplayer link. Now this is an interesting one - very aspirational in terms of the petite bourgeoisie aiming to be bourgeois, very Bourdieu indeed!


  1. Oh Kate, what a day! I hope tomorrow brings you better things. Maybe a sequin skirt!

  2. Oh tell me about it. This weather is ridiculous. Even for southern Canada! BTW, didn't know your name was Kate... (But now I do.)

  3. I am sorry the cold and snow are getting to you. A Dicken's day sounds like heaven to me. For your sake I hope it stops snowing and you get cheerful producing weather tomorrow.

    I think I have seen that Marlene Dietrich movie. She works as a singer in a nightclub. Right? I remember the costumes in that film and how amazing she looked.

    Thanks for the link to British Style Genius. Sounds interesting.

  4. Sorry to report that BBC2's British Style Genius only plays if you are in the UK. Too bad!

  5. I'm happy to bear with you! Snow?! That's special. Granted.. it's a little early.

    I'm not having a cheery day either so... happy days to come still!

  6. if it's any consolation, it is freezing here in Spain too (that's where we are not also drawning with the heavy rain) and it's snowing at just 500 m of height...

  7. Hi there-brr, I'm not yet ready for this cold weather either!! I watched that episode on tuesday too, very interesting, but not enough for me to go and get a tartan fix however much Queen Victoria and D&G love it, LOL!! Sorry you can't indulge in the sequin skirt (sounds fab), cold and credit crunch-not a brilliant combo, eh!

  8. There was a tiny bit of hail in NYC yesterday!


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