Friday, 24 October 2008

The old and the new...

Having ditched the old blog name (sniff) and morphed into the new I feel somewhat phoenix like. Yet this transformation didn't just occur it was part inspiration from my little journey from Liverpool Street station to the House of Masquerade event I was invited to by Absolut Vodka.

I'd finished work, been to the LCF library, had a sandwich at Pret and still I was way too early for the event. I realised I hadn't set foot in this bit of London for years, now I wasn't catching the train to Norwich to go to university I had no need. I admit I've been angling for an invite to Shoreditch House but when all is said and done Mayfair and Piccadilly are my stomping ground more by chance than anything else.

Given my early bird routine I decided to explore. Spitalfields Market was my little adventure and my how it has changed. The market had been fashioned in a new manner to complement the huge new financial temples (cough) and with a few older remaining building incorporated around the old now enclosed market.

Walking back from the stores towards Bishopgate and Shoreditch High Street, I savoured the old. The old buildings and street unchanged save for roads, pavement and electric street lamps since Dickens paced the old town by night unable to sleep.

S & M (Sausage and Mash - I'm coming back here!)

After S&M some champagne will be in order.

Then from the old into the new. The glass, the metal and the bustle of workers, with the Gherkin rising majestically in the distant.

It is amazing how this new mecca of offices sits amongst the old streets and churches. Walk away from Bishopgate and you enter a mix of run down meets avant garde. Juxtapositioned between tat and cool is Caravan at the beginning of Redchurch Street.

And it turns out Caravan has moved from its old address in Spitalfields Market to its new address up the road on Redchurch Street off Shoreditch High Street. Emily Chalmers is the delightful owner and offers a glorious selection of the old and new in her interiors shop.

Beautiful decor and space to browse in sheer delight at Caravan

My favourite find was the stag heads which I intend to pop back for!

It was a sheer delight for top bird blogger Wee Birdy (more of this in next post) with lots of birdy pieces to choose from. I had a lovely chat with Emily before a wander around Brick Lane prior to my almost fashionable late arrival at the House of Masquerade event party (surely 15 mins after doors open is late!)


  1. Hi there-Love the new look my dear, so chic and modern!! Loving the London piccys too, hope you had a really good night!!

  2. Oh, I love your little stroll around this part of town, at this particular time of night. Beautiful. I've really got to do a shop tour of Caravan. It's ghastly I haven't already done so.

    I'm just sorry that I never got to see this part of London prior to 2007. I only got to see the flash new concrete Spitalfields, all glossy and new. But I love the fact that just a few streets over, you still get a sense of the old, without the invasion of the new.

  3. It is amazing the things that inspire us to make changes. I recently read Isaak Mizarahi's new book. He suggests that you get a cork board and put images of everything that inspire you together on the board and that by doing this you will get a better sense of your style.

    Whatever inspired you to rename the blog and give it a makeover---I like it!!!

    I am so in the mood for London. Your photos and hearing that Eddie Izzard is performing for several weeks in London is only making my longing greater.

  4. Sharon Rose - it was a good night more to follow. Yes isn't London the best, what's wrong with the Satoralist he doesn't like it, too gritty for him fashion wise.

  5. La Belette Rouge - the cork board thing is so true I'm always caught between the old and the new but obviously I select my view of the old!

    Pierre Bourdieu was my main inspiration from my contemporary fashion lecture on Weds. I sort of new I had to define my field!
    As for Eddie Izzard he is a scream!

  6. That Sausage & Mash place looks good :)

    I like the new look and the colors. Change is always good whether or not you decide to stick with it. Tells us more about ourselves in the end methinks.

    have a great weekend :)

  7. Hope you've had a great time!!! Couldn't be at the party due to work :(

  8. Hurray for new beginings!!!!
    We've to move on and change as we change our inner.

    Love love those pictures!!!
    I was in London a few year ago, but I would like to return...

    Have a great weekend dear


  9. Hmmm, congratulations on your new begining then!!!

    Take care!!

  10. It's always great to re-discover a place and that sounds like a wonderful walk, the pictures are gorgeous. Like La Belette, you are giving me a craving for ol' London Town!

  11. Love the new you!!! great photographs...

  12. So it is you! I saw a few comments around the place and thought someone was ripping you off.
    Interesting that you decided to expand the brief so to speak. I will be looking forward to more.
    (and checking out Spittlefields next visit. I am such a westend girl, I never go over that way)

  13. Vic and I did the identity and branding for the Sausage & Mash chain. That one is my favourite with it's stripy awning.

  14. I love that strip on Brushfield Street especially when you look across at the new complex....Caravan is great too....

  15. This was a lovely post, allowing me a peek at a new part of my favorite city! Thanks, K, for taking the time to put all these photos together.

  16. I love Caravan...the old shop was marvelous so I'm looking forward to paying a visit to the new one :)

  17. Hey - me again! Linked you too :)



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