Wednesday, 8 October 2008


The ever lovely La Belette Rouge has taken great delight in tagging me to share 11 things about me and I'm afraid I might disappoint!!

1. Clothes Shop: Selfridges, so much to shop and to love!

2. Furniture Shop: Habitat

3. Sweet: Roly's Fudge see evidence below. Luckily it is in Brighton, can't just nip out for it!

4. City: Roma but I could equally put NYC, Paris, Barcelona and London. I went on honeymoon to Rome and it was amazing (I'd been there before).

5. Drink: Gin & tonic with a slice of lemon or lime, the Gin has to be Bombay Sapphire or Plymouth Gin

6. Music: Stereophonics

7. TV Series: The Bill, don't ask I've always loved it!

8. Film: Currently La Dolce Vita by Frederico Fellini

9. Workout: the freaking escalator's at Waterloo, Bond Street and Oxford Circus

10. Pastries: the whole selection at The Wolseley

11. Coffee: Americano, black from Caffe Nero

I now have to tag others but I'm all out of tagging so I'm picking on no one mind you I think I'll pick on Dressed and Pressed!


  1. Really, I am so glad you played. I love reading everyone's list of 11. Thanks for playing!!

  2. I'm a sucka for a nice piece of fudge!

  3. Hi there-love your list! I too love a browse in Selfridges, particularly the food hall and 1st floor fashions! We are into the Bill as well, has been really good lately!

  4. ah feck.! I tagged you last night for this too. As a recovering shopaholic I have banned myself from even entering Selfridges, you must be strong to resist the shoe dept'. I'm getting lightheaded thinking about the boots.....
    Nice 11

  5. I love these memes because it's such a great way to know more about other bloggers.
    Thank you for sharing all this with us.

    (I also loved Rome, Barcelona and London)


  6. Woohoo! I got tagged. I'm just going to sit here doing my little "tag dance". Then I'll think of 11 things to say about myself that people don't already know... Gah!

  7. Oh, I love Stereophonics! Nice one.

    Fudge? I'd nip to Brighton if that fudge was on offer.

  8. Hmmm fudge - long time lurker first time commenter (dont you hate those?). These questions are a very cool idea!

  9. All the cities you mentioned are on my top 10 list as well. But I'm staying put lately and traveling less. Lol about the workout!

    x Grayburn

  10. I have a thing for the Hot Chocolate Milano in Cafe Nero. I think it's actually pure melted chocolate...Yum.


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