Sunday, 12 October 2008

Citizen Tagged!

I'm thinking that on my deathbed I'm might issue 'tagged' as my last word, thereby spiralling a huge investigation into what did I mean, or be left with an epitaph which reads 'geez this gal was a blogoholic'.

The wonderful Observationmode has afforded me another opportunity to purge myself of random matters with the four tag thingy!

1. Four Places I go to over and over:
- to the nursery
- to London College of Fashion
- to Caffe Nero
- Waterloo station

2. Four people who email me regularly:
- my course director
- my style booker
- Amazon
- Net-a-Porter (they are wasting their time these days)

3. Four place I would rather be right now:

- New York

-in bed asleep

- a spa

- Barbados

4. Four of my favourite places to eat: (all currently in my head)

-Le Caprice (London)

- Baltazar (New York)

- Ninos (Roma)

- La Taxidermista (Barcelona)

5. Four people I'm tagging:

- Everybodysaysdon't

- Sharon Rose Vintage

- Same cat different spots

- Wee Birdy

6. Four TV shows I watch over and over:

- Sex and the City

- Lazy Town

- Charlie and Lola (I quite like this one)

- and the freakin rest of cbeebies!


  1. Oh RIGHT! I forgot SATC!

    I was fascinated to read what you wrote, Kate, especially the places you like to eat.

  2. My kids LOVE Charlie & Lola. It's one of the few intelligent kids' shows around.

  3. I love these things - its nice to find out interesting little tid bits about fellow bloggers :)

  4. I share your love of bed and sleep. In Bed is the happiest place on earth, isn't it?

  5. Thanks for remembering me... !!!

  6. Ilike Charlie and Lola too. And I used to watch SATC re-runs wishing she stayed with Aidain, until I watched the movie...

  7. Hi kate-haha, thanks for the tag-I remember the days of constantly watching cbeebies too!! Oh, I could be in bed all day, given half the chance....!!

  8. I don't know your shows, well of course I know SATC. But, other than that I am out of the loop. Must google to see what I am missing.

  9. Great tag! Its nice to know a little more about you :)



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