Sunday, 17 January 2010

Blog wars

Are you Team Hooker or Team Drag Queen!

You can read about it here or not read about it here.


  1. Team Drag Queen!
    Yesterday,Today and Forever
    Queen Marie

  2. Make Do Style, don't make me choose!!!!!!!! I like Judy because she is so serious and earnest about her shoes, plus I wonder how she's funding this whole shebang. But I love Sister Wolf too! Her lesbian stick post was the funniest thing ever! Plus she posted a message on my blog!!! And I love reading her musings....Make Do thanks for all your lovely messages of late on my blog too xxx

  3. Team Drag Queen here! (Mostly because I've met Sister Wolf in person and she is a funny, lovely woman.)

  4. I don't think I can pick one or the other. : )

  5. ^^Like Savvy, I won't be taking sides. I'll enjoy all this from the sidelines.

  6. Wildernesschic - Haha!

    Queen Marie - your Royal subject will obey!

    Faux Fuschia - I won't, just couldn't resist it.

    Deja Pesu - oh lucky you and I'd love to meet you both.

    Savvy Gal & Enc - I was on the sideline too until spurned and deleted!

  7. So fun(ny)!
    Can I be both??


  8. Pah, Team Drag Queen of course!

    But I just posted a comment for Mom and you all have to give me ONE MILLION DOLLARS if she leaves it there.
    It was not sucky.


  9. Team hooker definitely....because I'm all business.

  10. I'm kind of confused about all of this...there's a LOT of vitriol spewing forth over there at SW's site and while I'm neither for nor against the Family of Shoes (though I do find the issues raised by their blogs' popularity and people's reactions to their perceived materialism make me question all kinds of interesting things about media culture and the nature of internet celebrity) I will say this: They know how to keep their audience interested. This must speak to some larger cultural issue, no? One that's not really got anything to do with them as individuals?

    I personally don't think it's helpful to delete negative comments -- after all, I think a lot of people read comments just to get to the nasty ones. But then censorship is a sticky issue....I must ponder this.

  11. I left a lovely message for Judy saying I hope she visited Australia and that I enjoyed her blog but she didn't publish it. Oh well.

  12. I'm also kind of confused with all this.... well one can't be away for a few days and so many interesting things happen... :o)

    But even not knowing ALL the facts, on the sideline my heart beats for Team Drag Queen of course.


  13. Hahahaha!Vitriol!

    I hate people who end a statement with the word "no" and a question mark! Is it supposed to sound French, no?

  14. Hammie - thank goodness we don't owe you a millions dollars because your comment ain't there!

    Belle De Ville - glad to hear it! Does this mean the hussein chalayan boots were a business investment?

    Julia - It's only a bit of fun. Like team aniston or team jolie - you know people always take sides really but no harm or intent is meant.
    True some people can be vitriolic in their comments all over the blogosphere but often words are harsher than the reality of a person. However if you blog you need to be open to this - first thing you learn as a journalist is to develop a thick skin. In politics people call each other all sorts of names in public but will sit down quite happily and have a drink to share pleasantries. It is all performance, I blog with performance. (sorry long response x)

    Faux Fushia - thank goodness Jackie O is your leader, she had impeccable manners xx

    The Seeker - so glad you had a lovely break in toronto, you pictures are lovely xx

    Sister Wolf - on form as ever!

  15. Mom published my comment! so you have to give me ONE MILLION DOLLARS.....

    now please..... xx

  16. Faux Fuschia is there too. But hers was a bit sucky (sorry) So you can have 25% of my cut. xx

  17. Just remember: I control Mom's every move! Wait and see.

  18. Hammie - will chocolate money do xx

  19. Drag Queen!! Especially that sassy drag queen! ;)

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