Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bit of a Borrower

Due to heaps of time indoors, I've been devouring blogs and blog posts. I've realised you can almost circumnavigate the globe on a blog thread (via comments and blogrolls)- it gets a bit patch across Africa and some of South America.

I've also noted that some blogs borrow heavily from others. Now this is a tricky area as sometimes a few bloggers lift items from magazines and comment, which is no different to newspapers - many a national print journalist or a news researcher has to pull feeds from or pour over a regional paper for a local story of interest. However it is obvious that certain blogs have spawned mini me's.

When the new season adverts appear in print I'm a happy bunny, I peruse the adverts before the editorial. I love the catwalk to camera metamorphosis, although this does depend on the creative execution. But hey I straying off the point to some extent. We are probably all agreed liking similar stuff and posting our preferences is par for the course. Also a press release or PR push is similarly going to result in a few posts on the same subject(though I ignore these now).

In all there are some good reasons for content overlap and in the main it is nothing to worry about but occasionally we find thievery! Yes it does happen zur alors... so with no further delay I'm posting my pinched image of Amanda Lear from Miss Peelpants blog Get some Vintage-a-Peel.

There are two reasons for this image:
1. The hair style (I need one)
2. The outfit (I love it)

You can see the full wealth of images and the original post here!


  1. I love this look so sexy yet so cool ...

  2. Love that hairstyle...go do it girl.

  3. Go it for honey!!! hope you are having a good day and she is smouldering in that shot!

  4. Hi there-totally gorgeous, her hair and outfit are truly inspiring!!

  5. I sometimes have an idea for a post and then find someone pips me to the post (excuse the pun) on the same subject matter, so I don't bother.x

  6. Yay! Pinch away my dear, that's what my picture spams are there for....

    And yes, if I hadn't already decided that I can't do fringes - I'd be getting this cut myself. I have to make do with the little sweepy side fringes instead....

  7. Love this look!

    And I have noticed some blog copycats too... Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, right?


  8. Inspiration is fine, but if someone clearly gets an idea, picture, incentive from another blog it's just polite to acknowledge this. Well done you! Sabine x
    P.S. No haircut for me. I want to have a plaid this year (as heavily featured in many fashion blogs, e.g. Hanneli Mustaparta)

  9. you forgot the amazing nude lippie! xx

  10. Stealing content from other blogs sounds wrong. I had no idea it was common. I am thrilled that you enjoy my blog! I love this photo-the hair, tights and frock are all KILLER. x

  11. i'm getting my hair cut similar to that today! excited :) xox


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