Monday, 4 January 2010

Ski Monday

When it comes to ski clothing that won't break the bank I have two top tips - TK Maxx and M&S. For 3 years I worked a pair of sale salopettes from M&S that cost me £25, and I only replaced them when I got a new pair of reduced Helly Hensens from the old discount ski shop at Bicester which no longer exists.

It just pays to look in the high street stores before the specialist shops for reasonable costing ski wear, particularly if you've blown the budget on the holiday. Both M&S and John Lewis do great thermals and even Topshop have a few good items. Snow & Rock also stock cheaper versions of high performance ski clothing but you do run the risk of wanting the best when you set foot in there!


  1. Great suggestions and I can vouch for the quality and price of the skiwear in TKMaxx!
    Happy New Year by the way!

  2. I went skiing once. That is, I had an hour lesson that I left after 30 minutes.

  3. I have never been skiing and am grateful I don't have to spend money on ski clothes aswell. They don't come cheap according to all my friends who do go.

  4. Well done for your ski bargain shopping, I've not been, I'd be like Wendy, LOL!!

  5. always wanted to try sking!lovely post honey, thanks for sharing.
    I wish you the very best of the new year ahead.
    Thank you for your support on the new site. It will feature fashion,beauty and culture news. It will also have my usual personal outfit posts in the style diary section which is in the menu tab at the top of the site.

  6. I would love to find one of those vintage 70s Bond girl style ski outfits! If I did, maybe I would take up skiing again.

  7. i went skiing once like wendy. and, i was not very good. now, i just stay in the lodge and play with snow. : )


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