Tuesday, 19 January 2010

In search of chemisette heaven

'They had a very fine day for Box Hill; and all the other outward circumstances of arrangement, accommodation, and punctuality, were in favour of a pleasant party.' I've always had a longing for a sojourn to Box Hill due to my love of Jane Austen. As well as quoting from her novel Emma above, I choose the last paragraph of the novel for our wedding reading. Although it is Persuasion that is my favourite.

Living just outside of London has opened up the countryside in a way I couldn't have imagined. So, when Mr MDS proposed a visit to Box Hill on Sunday I jumped. I wondered why we hadn't made the effort before but it seems Mr MDS had failed his first (and last) attempt at a Duke of Edinburgh Award on Box Hill by getting lost through losing the map.

It was a very fine day for us and we enjoyed a hearty walk, although given it is January I was quite miffed I couldn't have re-enacted an empire line Regency dress with a chemisette. I was just wrapped up in bits of stuff which kept me warm. The walk up the hill did result in removal of snood and arm warmers as the sun was bright and a small sweat was worked up.

Full stride ahead for the petit garcon

Soaking up the sun's rays, which have been in short supply this month

The path was quite muddy in places after the snow

Emma was first published in 1816 a year before Jane Austen's death. I'm not sure she would have been on an outing to Box Hill, but I hope she did and was equally amused as me by this headstone.

I also had no will after the outing to attempt a hunt through my items to convey a romantic outfit; but it did put me in mind of the summer months and tea dresses. I will attempt to have a lovely picnic in the summer months ahead on Box Hill, suitably attired of course.

Sketch Garden Dress £45 Topshop


  1. I bet those few rays of sunshine did you the world of good!

  2. Looks wonderful. I bet you were warmer in your outfit than a Jane Austen style Regency x

  3. Hi there-thats a fabulous day out and love that dress, Sam @Everybody says don't has bought it!!

  4. Mrs Fab - they did it was marvellous.

    Wildernesschic - With the sun on me I got hot!

    Sharon Rose - Yes I know, it is such a lovely pattern. I haven't had a look in the shops at all yet apart from Gap. I feel like a saint!

    Janet - good old Topshop

  5. Looks like a good Sunday day out! Was definitely nice to see the sun again at the weekend - I've forgotten what it felt like.

  6. That dress is gorgeous, darling!


  7. Wonderful view... that spring dress will look so great when you visit that place again.

  8. that sounds like a lovely day out. love the photos

  9. Ha! The gravestone is brilliant.

  10. Buried head down, oh my god!
    While in London, my sister bought me a train ticket to Bath for an outing, all due to Jane Austen, but was also not v. suitably attired!

  11. ! Was definitely nice to see the sun again at the weekend

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  12. Um, just realized my former comment sounds like you were not suitably attired, but of course you looked fabulous as always! I was agreeing with the weather getting in the way of evoking a romantic Jane Austen sort of moment:)

  13. Well spotted Sharon Rose!

    I'm actually wearing the dress today with thick wine coloured tights and a thick black cardi! xxxx


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