Saturday, 16 January 2010

High Street Pick of the Week

Having ventured into the stores to start to check out new stock I actually got no further than Gap (on Oxford Street near Selfridges) as I was buying socks for the petit garcon. After my obligatory purchase I had a wander around upstairs. There is still a lot of sale stock and the new season items are primarily khaki trousers in varying styles, some nice stripy vest tanks and a lot of cobalt blue tops. amongst the trousers I spotted a rather chic cardigan.

You will have to bear with the blackberry image quality and the colour is a richer taupe than it looks. It also comes in a dark grey and at £39.50 it would be a good item for work to smarten up the winter wardrobe during these transition months before it is warm enough to fully embrace S/S 10.

The visual merchandising leaves a lot to be desired as the poor cardigan plonked between very urban chic khaki pants is hardly inspiring.


  1. I really like that, but I seem to have loads of grey knitwear at the moment but I know if I was standing in front of it, I wouldn't be able to resist!

  2. I love gap, It's perfect for basics that are beautifully on trend. My problem now is that with so many great cardigans and neutral trousers I need a store that does bright, patterned tops - I am beginning to look like the girl in grey! Any ideas?

  3. Mrs Fab - actually that one is taupe not grey but the lighting in store plus blackberry not great. I'm getting to the point when I'm going to have to upgrade to an iphone.

    booksaplenty - H&M, Zara, Topshop, Oasis all have lots of colours to choose from and of course UNIQLO is king/queen of colour for clothes. Gap do have bright blue jersey tops in which look fab with grey. If you've got money to spend then Marc by Marc Jacobs will have brights a plenty

  4. Love this gray cardi!

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    Good luck!


  5. Hi there-yes a great style, love the pockets!!

  6. That IS a dreary display. Looks downright military.

  7. display could be better, i do like the knot piece


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