Saturday, 16 January 2010

Luck of the draw

It's not often the post yields nice things. Mainly it is the usual, household bills, credit card bill or bank statement, supplemented by the occasional postcard, thank you note or a wedding invitation. I only added the latter as we've been invited to a wedding and after a glut of them I've not been to one in years so when friends of ours got engaged over Christmas I was quite cheered as I felt we could do with a good wedding to go to.

But this week I got two nice surprises, due to forgetfulness. One was a prize I'd won from Aussie via the lovely FabFrocks and the other was a product review. Having sworn I'd never entertain anything again I was just about to press the delete button on the email when I stopped in my tracks. I hastily replied and gave my terms to which they said yes and it was a done deal.

Now the package I received contained some pretty earrings from a jewellery company called LuShae and I selected a pair of Horseshoe stud earrings to review. I know Sister Wolf would say 'horse shit' to luck but when it comes to the luck of the draw, we have a pretty good deal here in the UK when it comes to health care and not suffering from earthquakes. If you break your leg, get involved in a car accident or suffer a heart attack to name a few, we pay nothing to be treated. We might have to buy prescriptions and we might not always get the best service but we have access to free health care.

My earrings are very pretty, very light and look more expensive than they are. I have a great fondness for all things equestrian and as I don't get to ride horses much these days the earrings will make me feel quite horsey for a moment. I also know when I wear them that they didn't cost me anything but they helped in part to address the imbalance of being born in a country where you pay through the nose for health care or suffer significant natural disasters. I consider myself lucky not to have the stress of these matters. The only detail I would quibble about is the manufacturing process could be better as the earrings are inserted via the left part of the horseshoe shape - if anyone has two right sided one perhaps we can swap!

Although I would add if you do get approached as a blogger over the next few weeks by companies regarding products perhaps you can suggest you'll oblige for a donation to the Haiti Relief Effort.


  1. Good idea. I got offered a Tungsten Ring to the value of US$200 before christmas but I just couldn't come up with a reason for writing about non-gold jewellery on an autism parenting blog.
    If they come back to me I will auction it off for a donation to Haiti or MS research,

    As for da hosses? Bratty had her first lesson of the year on Wednesday arvo and thanks to our snow and recent thaw, the stables has a particularly horsey smell. A comforting and familiar - everything is right in the world when you smell it smell.
    Google Festina Lente Bray and you will understand. xx

  2. I would say "bull crap" like Glenn Beck said to Mrs. Palin on TV the other night. That's my new favorite exclamation.

  3. That's such a good idea - I want to help but am pretty much flat broke - I will definitely be doing this!
    PS - glad your parcel from Aussie arrived!

  4. LOL! Girl, am I reading this right?! I didn't fall asleep till 7 a.m. so maybe I'm delirious. But if anyone asks me to donate to Haiti while I'm trying to go about my regular business -- which may include marketing/PR type activity -- you know I will tell them to go fuck themselves. There are a few reasons that wouldn't sit right with me. Certainly if the major magazine that borrowed jewelry from me asks me to donate to Haiti in order to get in the editorial, I'll tell them I don't pay -- even to a good cause -- for play.

  5. I got offered a VIP trip on Eurostar to Belgium complete with lunch, Christmas shopping time, chocolate factory visit and a look around the Christmas Market, but I couldn't see how reviewing this would be relevant on a design blog, so I reluctantly turned it down.

  6. Delicious - now that was plain silly. But good too

    Plus I emailed WendyB to explain that I was approached and offered money to write product review - hence donation not payment to me - I wasn't asking people for anything! Wendy is right never never do as you are told or asked if against your business/principles!


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