Sunday, 26 July 2009

The All About Me tag

The thriftiest Sharon-Rose tagged me in the All About Me tag to reveal 7 facts about me.

1. I started blogging because of the sadly now departed blogger Mrs Fashion, who I think really is the blogger who coined the all about me label.

2. I recently got diagnosed as dyslexic, I was a bit shocked and then a big cloud lifted off me.

3. I love tinned peaches and evaporated milk (I share this with Sharon funnily enough).

4. The state of my underwear draw is appalling, more specifically my knickers. I really need to invest in new ones.

5. My life is currently dominated by Ben 10. I was filing my nails and petit garcon wanted me to do his, so I did his thumb nail and he liked it and asked could he have Ben 10 Alien force nail file. I told him he couldn't as they didn't make them. He merely said 'oh'.

6. I can't wait to see The September Issue

7. I don't know whether to choose a Canon or Nikon digital SLR, or even go old school with Olympus!

Please feel free to tag yourself - you can all do mini mes.


  1. Hi Kate-hurrah for peaches and evaporated milk, sadly I have the 1st but not the 2nd in my cupboard today :-( Don't get me started on number 4 either, LOL-Ditto, a job I keep putting off!! Poor petit garcon, are you sure you've looked hard enough??!!!! Can't help with number 7 I'm afraid, I'm a complete gadget-a-phobe, I just use my phone for piccys (explains the poor quality a lot of the time!) My Autograph dress will be fab with the Mugler jacket, can't wait to pair them up!! Pleased you're pleased with your Topshop dress too my dear! Have a great week ahead, I'll sign off now, give everyone else a chance, LOL!!

  2. Hey Kate - Do you know what happened to Mrs Fashion? I loved that blog...

  3. Sharon- I begrudge money spent on knickers!! I wish I could embrace the underwear thing.

    K-Line - no, no idea, despite extensive sleuthing. I think she got a creative director role at the magazine she worked on but I could never quite narrow it down.

  4. i love buying lingerie but don't really wear the sexy ones b/c they are so damn uncomfortable. : )

  5. Ben sounds amazing and funny! I bet he keeps your days busy and fun!

  6. I'm glad the dyslexia diagnosis helped you out. My ex-boyfriend got diagnosed with severe ADD (in the top percentile) recently, and it was really hard but explained so much to him. I can't wait to see The Sept Issue either!!

  7. The September Issue looks great.

    On the Camera front I have a 350d Cannon digital SLR which I love and takes great pictures even though I'm pretty useless, but I have found carrying it around is a little annoying as it's really large and quite heavy. I did see an add recently for a mini digital SLR which sounds like a really good idea - I think it was Fuji.

  8. My friend got diagnosed as dyslexic during her 2nd degree, and it was a relief for her like a cloud too.

    Although I like gadgets, I'm not very into I can't offer any advice.

    5 is V funny!!!

  9. I might be dyslexic as reading is getting worse and worse everywhere.

    on DLSR camera, GET A CANON 50D!!!

    K x

  10. Wow, I match you Ben 10 and raise you one "Stanley" as in "STAN-LEEE!" the little Disney dude with a talking goldfish.

    Now I know why you identify so well with "my people" - Dyslexia is in our big spectrum family. But you overcome it so well and have a unique appreciation for language power, so all for the better. Glad you know about it. xx


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