Saturday, 18 July 2009

High Street Pick of the Week

Inspired by the women in the photographs of Guy Bourdin is the selling spiel of the latest dress offerings from Karen Millen. Now I don't want to blather on about Guy's mother fixation and why but in reality there was only ever one woman in his photographs and this recreation of a child's view of a glamorous woman haunted his brilliant photos.

Still one can't find fault for a high street chain raiding an archive rich in texture and colour for their inspiration. It seems £150 is the price point (ahem) to compete with for your money on a luxurious dress for the season.


  1. Very nice, lovely colour although I am still finding it hard to look at new season stuff when school holidays have only just started.

  2. What a gorgeous dress! The styling makes me think it would look good on a variety of body types.

  3. Hi there-totally gorgeous choice! Have a great weekend and hope the filming is going well too!


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