Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Oh er!

Well what fun we had! Less clothes went than I anticipated but only because quite a few are high summer items and I'll wear them out in the next couple of months. But I'm on the road to stellar glamour.

It was so lovely to have someone be me for a change and make me move on over a few items. Yes its sad to see a some old friends depart but on the whole I've got more space, a few things in the growing holiday pile (what holiday?) which I'm sure I'll cull anyway. There was only one item of contention -it was a Max Mara jacket that Isobel said should go and I've wavered over doing this. Basically anything tired, (remember I do alter my clothes and wear them to death) a bit shapeless or outdated has gone.

We spotted a few key transition pieces for A/W and tested the look. I would have had a few looks photos to post but the petit garcon in the midst of our slog was amusing himself by trying on shoes, breaking my camera and gradually becoming naked. How he broke my camera I know not and what could I say whilst he was wearing some gold flats with diamante feature and some pearls and nothing else!

The photos move from camera pre breakage to poor blackberry ones for the after shots.

Before sort out-the middle thing houses belts, jewellery and jumpers

right hand side before being tackled

left hand side, completely crammed

poor shoes in need of a tidy up, my best ones are in their boxes

I take a last minute stand against revealing my stash

I collapse at this point in hysterics as Isobel makes me try on a dress I bought to go for dinner years ago with the then to be in-laws, she said it looked like something you'd try and impress the in-laws with -opps, point taken and so true!

Isobel gets her pen out to lick me into shape!

Evidence of petit garcon's handy work in progress, he managed to snap the destruction

By now naked and sorting out the hangers

Some of the pile to go

Ah happy tidy shoes, although the garcon just put back the gold flats and pink Tods he'd been wearing

Sorted. Arranged from left to right are coats, jackets, dresses, shirts then cardigans, trousers and skirts


  1. Wow, she was kind to you ... doesn't look like TOO much got the axe!

  2. Sal - the axe fell on 6 dresses, 1 trench, 1 coat, 2 skirts (I have only got 5 in total now) quite a bit of outdated unused costume jewellery, some tops, 1 pair of shoes, couple of scarves, a few belts. Needed to be done!

  3. Nice work! You are inspiring me to clean out my closet!


  4. I'm sure it hurt, but doesn't it feel better now??

  5. Oh the joy of the organzied wardrobe! Isobel is gorgeous (is she nice too or can I hate her?).

  6. Couture Carrie - it is worth it you look with fresh eyes on what you truly love and wear. If you don't wear it and don't love it - out!

    Pamcasso - actually it was pretty painless, couple of things felt like saying bye to old friends but hey ho!

    Cybill - Isobel is gorgeous and very very nice. Great person and she's my poshest friend, a true toff to my yob!

  7. Looks like you guys had a blast - and a very productive day! Isobel did a great job.

  8. New Starts are always pretty cool. My constant moving has helped me chop down an overflowing closet.

  9. Wow your wardrobe must've been looking good to start with! I did the same thing last weekend and filled 3 bin bags with stuff to go!! Great job!

  10. oh goodness...hate doing the dreaded clear out! great post as usual

  11. I love all the petit garcon nakedness in the midst of a wardrobe cleanout. Looks like you got sorted, though! xx


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