Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Today's the day

Gulp! I'm about to be glammed up. I'm posting this in memory of leaving my rather t-shirt and jeans look behind. Not strictly true but I'm usually more off duty than on duty and undertaking my MA has highlighted I've not really advanced much dress wise since my undergraduate days!

I've enlisted the help of uber stylish stylist Isobel Kershaw. I trust Isobel to not indulge me one iota in my fantasy film outfits and gently shove me into a better organised (and I am super organised but I know Isobel is the most super super organised) working wardrobe.

I rather dislike the term working wardrobe but it clarifies the point to some extent i.e. having a wardrobe that works for you, what you do and what you want to project. I use all my clothes most of the time but now I want to buy less and make what I have work harder. Also this year petit garcon will be 4 and I can move back into the more full time work world and need to prepare for this.

Isobel is very understanding of the conflict of working and being a mother. She adores her son and I often tease her she'll hold his hand on his first date, in case the girl is badly dressed! Isobel is perfection itself but of the ease associated with stylish French women. I'm a francophile at heart and am shedding a part of my left bank artisan look for a nonchalant but sophisticated stroll through Galeries Lafayette then onto a late lunch at Alain Ducasse, 25 Avenue de Montaigne, Paris

PS Now I know what it feels like to have a stylist come into your home. This is quite exciting and weirdly worrying too. Gosh if I didn't know the drill I'd be sick or weeping or both!


  1. you're friend is beautiful and I know you're going to look fab!

  2. Eeee! Can't wait to hear all about the experience.

  3. Once Isobel has turned you into a Francophile goddess can you ask her to swing by my house. I want to be French perfection instead of American mediocrity.

    Good luck! Please share every detail with us. Maybe you could video some of the process. I would love to see like action transformation of wardrobe.

  4. Wowee! How cool!

    If only my working wardrobe was glamorous enough to warrant a stylist!

  5. Sounds like great fun - looking forward to seeing the results (on the blog AND in the flesh!) xx

  6. This sounds great! I also understand your problem, I had to have an interior designer come to my house to help me out with some design problems I couldn't solve by myself (and I'm an architect). Its something to do with that saying "the doctors kids always have runny noses" and its hard to be objective about your own stuff.

  7. Cybil - it is so true, you get caught not so much in a rut but a repeat pattern and as much as you can shake yourself out of it, a helpful shove save so much time!


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