Friday, 31 July 2009

Fringe benefits

My lovely cameraman for my short film is off to perform at the Edinburgh Festival. On Wednesday night I took myself out of me SW London enclave and headed to NW10 to the Mason's Arms for the Scram Comedy night at the Mason's Arms Pub to view his 1 hour Edinburgh Fringe Festival show 'Wanchorman: Adventures in Tellyland', which is on at the Dragonfly, 52 West Port at 16:20 - almost everyday!

First up for the evening were the Oompah Brass with Max Klein presenting their Fringe Festival offering 'Blow up - the Credit Crunch Musical! It was a comedy version of a Mark Ronson cd. If you love brass instruments and the sound they create then you'll love this performance which is on at The GRV, 37 Guthrie Street. Again it is a 16:20 start and nearly everyday too.

I really enjoyed stepping out on a Wednesday and spending a £5 for a great laugh. I also manage to get free parking which meant a lime and soda to boot! I was driving... Seeing two Fringe previews made me wish I was going to Edinburgh.

Dave made me cry with laughter - I don't won't to give away his set but his TV appearances are real comedy gems. The selection of photos of the evening aren't great but since my blackberry is all I have in the camera stakes at the moment it was the best I could do.

Max Klein and the Oompah Brass

Dave Gibson - Mr Wanchorman

Und moi after laughing so much I was aching.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous way and cheap too of spending an evening!!

  2. Great fun! and you look lovely, love the top and scarf ensemble! :-) xxxxxx

  3. Sounds utterly lovely, lady!

  4. But did you laugh for FIVE HOURS? :-)

  5. Wendy B - no only for 1hr and 45 mins! The bloggers lunch will always hold that record!

  6. Oh bugger, that's my local, wish I'd known!


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