Saturday, 4 July 2009

High Street pick of the week

I'm finding the high street a mixed bag at the moment in respect of some great individual items but overall stock/store collections being average. I know one wouldn't shop only in one store (mind you, you'd be surprised how many people do!) but I do think a store should make you be hard pressed to choose. My main concern is always price, design and quality when it comes to buying any garment. Buying designer is no guarantee of quality, I'm not going to labour this point but some designers care, others don't. It's business. More on this another time!

Back to the high street...Oasis after suffering a design dip in its offering is coming back to life and producing some of the best easy to wear dresses. It's Scarlet jeans have long been a life saver for stylists and their clients, until Gok told the nation it was a bit of a secret. The white Scarlet jeans are great for summer holidays - although I always shorten the front pockets and sew them up for people. This is an easy adjustment to make - next time you try on white jeans or trousers and you get that horrid front pocket thing, remember this is easy to rectify. If you can't do it your machinist at the dry cleaners can.

Where were we - ah yes dresses. Grazia have already selected my pick of the high street this week. This is not a case of lazy blogging as normally I ignore such things but after popping into the Argyll St store on Friday, I seriously wished I was flush with cash. I'd have snapped one up in a nano second. I would have gone for black but the blue version is a very close second. At £150 of your folding it isn't cheap but it does tick the design and quality boxes. The cost of the garment (note no price point on this blog!) reflects this. Wear it dressed up or down for easy edgy glamour.

Sequin shoulder pad dress £150 at Oasis


  1. Aah, very nice indeed, a real investment piece. I picked up a sequins 80s dress (which I'm posting about soon), but will dress it down in a few ways! The Times did a great article on sequins, they're here to stay for a while at least!!

  2. Fab pick, darling! Especially loving the blue one!


  3. Oh, I ALWAYS get rid of pockets in white pieces!

  4. While I do love a bit of shiny, I can't helping thinking of the labour that went into them - especially when the item is high street cheap.

    I love the tip on shortening pockets. Getting a fashion by osmosis thing on white jeans now. First K-line, now you. I wonder will I catch it before it's too late?

    (what is the U.K./Eire cut off for white wearing??)

  5. Hammie - I think the price for the dress is good, it isn't that cheap at £150 nor is it out of range and having seen the dress it's a fab buy and look. I'm hoping Oasis are the good guys!
    Ah I think if your looking for a 'white season' then jeans, linen trousers etc are only May to August but then there's nothing wrong with winter white garmemts in heavy materials for Sept to April!


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