Saturday, 25 July 2009

Bad Taste Pick of the Week

One of my secret indulgences is a website called Shot Dead in the Head. Please, if you suffer with any slightly disapproving tendencies about taste or as Bourdieu would have defined taste or our social conditioning - habitus, then desist from reading this immediately.

I find them (Shot Dead etc.) very handy for presents for the men in my life. Many years ago my sisters, friends and I referred to my father as DIY Bri. He was forever giving us all handy tips and popping round in workman's overalls to fix things. The helpfulness was undermined by his tendency to explain his undertaking and methodology in detail. Eventually the shouts of 'where's your flip chart' from across the pub by local yobs and the rolling of eyes by everyone else contained his sharing. We got him a t-shirt with his nickname on, in fact sadly we still buy him ridiculous motif style presents like mugs and other stuff, on the basis that it is amusing for 5 minutes.

The original t-shirt incident started a trend of buying poor blokes jokey tees for presents (well it's not my fault they don't have net-a-porter et al wish lists!). Some are witty or clever design takes on their favourite football team. Mr MDS happily sports this one...
My brother-in-law gets this for his birthday next week...

And Mr MDS won't let me wear this one....

Anyway I went too far tonight and discovered a really rubbish make your own t-shirt site and came up with this.... it's a bit small but says 'I survived swine flu'.

And then I realised it was time to get a grip and this is what happens when I haven't had time due to swine flu to do my normal high street pick of the week as I haven't been looking....


  1. Cool prints, my fave is the Banksy one!! Wishing you a great weekend my dear!

  2. LOL very funny!!

  3. Haha I like the 'I survied swine flu' tee a lot. Not that this really has anything to do with t-shirts, but the headline of the News of the World was 'JACKO'S NOSE IS MISSING' - that would be a good tee I'm thinking.
    Maybe it's only funny to me because I haven't been out since tuesday...


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