Tuesday, 14 July 2009

3 ways to work your wardrobe - harder!

A while ago I posted in a boastful manner due to mentionitus of matters I had posted about first before the papers did a mini mention. Anyway, in the comment box I entered into prediction mode encouraged by you my dear readers.

One view about thigh high boots is hardly rocket science given it was the easiest and most obvious catwalk synergy(it appeared in lots of shows) for A/W 2009.

My next pronouncements were about
  • wearing cardigans on the shoulder,
  • belts being of ribbon/sash or other material
  • and black being back.

Lest we forget black has hardly had a look in of late other than as tuxedos, leggings etc. Despite Hermes and others having a strong S/S 09 showing in black on all garments, most success in the merchandising of the shows in the designer stores and high street trends has been the bright jewel colours, nudes and of late python, le snake.

An underlying story to the world of fashion has been the resort/cruise collection. In terms of economics, the resort collections are a dream for the business and customer alike. Minimal outlay to show, often just one model and more affordable item which has longevity. The resort/cruise collection is often talked about now as the pre trend transitional wardrobe rather than its original purpose for good going away clothes.

I've picked three looks from the Resort/Cruise (I prefer the old school European word) collections of 2010 as these give credence to my pronouncements and more importantly are easy things for you to do if you want a fashion fix without the outlay.
Celine (sigh Phoebe is back!) I rest my case - wear you cardis, jackets and coats on your shoulders.
Lanvin - just add ribbons or scarves to you trousers/harem pants and garnish with a corsage. Ribbon in varying widths and colours at John Lewis and Accessories sell a multitude of corsages

Lanvin (again) Look black dress and black bag! Just add a colourful necklace and/or earrings.

Oh and for a future future fashion pronouncement - black will never be truly back until Muiccia tells us it is - lets see what her A/W 2010 show brings!


  1. I can't believe over the knee boots are back again so soon, surely its only about 2 years ago that we saw Madonna and quite a few WAGS wearing them - thats why I got a pair. I sold them on ebay last year as felt I was too old for them and thought I would be at least 50 before they made another appearance - how wrong I was!

  2. Looking Fab in your forties - they are more thigh high now, so higher than the over the knee offering before. That's how they do it a tweak to distinguish between now and before!

  3. I love using ribbons as belts! I'm sold on that already...not sure about thigh high boots, maybe flat ones, (although I think my husband would ask where my parrot and hook hand was!!!)

  4. I love the cardigan draped over the shoulder look. So Anna Wintour/Dot Cotton.

  5. Hrmph. I am too much of a klutz to do cardis and blazers slung over my shoulders. They'll get caught on stuff and go flying off, I just know it!

  6. Hi there-hurrah for black being back, I've a lot of it which I should get into wearing, but I don't think I'll be doing the thigh high boots, unless I thrift some of course!!

  7. Sal - mmmm well no pain no gain as they say. I'm sure you'd be a wow!

    Sharon Rose - mmmm the thigh high thing is effort -as it is really high. Not knee high and over but almost whole of leg high. It's one of those too much of a trend to give an ar**!


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