Sunday, 12 July 2009

Anyone for Pimms!

The plan had been a few weeks ago to picnic in Hyde Park, when we were basking in our new found Mediterranean weather. Then the weather decided to return to normal, so an indoor venue was required for a super Saturday blogfest meeting. The lovely Wendy B of Wendy Brandes Jewelry was in town from NYC and the opportunity to be one of her London posse was too tempting to pass up! It was lovely to catch up with Sam of Everybodysaysdon't and finally meet my favourite Sharon of Sharon Rose Vintage. And it was nothing short of delightful to meet Wendy and Liz of emma peelpants blog.

Harvey Nicks cafe was the venue for what became a 5 hour lunch, therefore technically not a lunch after 3pm. We did demolish 2 pitchers of Pimms and had the waiting staff not been a) so useless, b)so unfriendly/moody and c) looking like a cast from Prison Break we might have had another one. Thankfully, the lax service saved us from being undignified and tipsy. Although some of my camera work suggests I was a complete lush given the out of focus look I managed to produce on a few shots. Either that or I need glasses!

Samantha and I pretend to be friends - note how she's wishing she wasn't with me!
(Sam you know I'm only joking but I did pinch a chip whilst you were looking the other way)

Wendy post styling of her Francis dress

Here is the retied bow detail in close up - you see I'm handy to have around at times!

Sharon sets us a good example by eating the fruit from the Pimms pitcher

Wendy and Samantha

The gang of 5!

We also found time to model Wendy's rings for her and I have to say I was completely taken aback by how utterly wonderful they were. There is no way I can prevent this sounding wrong but I didn't expect to like or admire them as I did. The weight, the finish (matt is seriously the future) and the design blows most high end jewellery out of the window. What struck me the most, apart from the beautiful matt finish, was the correct ratio of ring to finger. They adorn one's fingers in perfect proportion and by this I mean the ring is bold in the sense it added drama but subtle in that it remained within the boundaries of a feminine piece of adornment.
Very often drama can look clunky, bold but brassy - well Wendy's rings look creative and classy!


  1. We did have a great time! Kate, How could you pinch a chip!!! Blimey! ;-)

  2. Thank you SO much for the compliments on the jewelry...that means so much to me! Now I just need my tipping point. I'm loving that picture of Sharon and the picture of you and Samantha is hilarious. I think I want to blow the photo of the bow up, frame it and hang it on my wall, because that's the closest I will ever come to bow perfection again!

  3. It was so lovely to meet you Kate, and you've put it so beautifully about Wendy's jewellery. I heartily agree.

    One day I'm going to have enough money...

    A splendid day!

  4. OMG - Kate, I didn't know you were blogging again. I'm such an idiot! Love this post. You are all gorgeous. How I wish I could have been there...

  5. Looks like you girls had a great time! I can't believe that the waiter was crap - that never, ever happened to me when I live in the UK - service was always fantastic (ha ha).

  6. That is the best bow I've seen in a while- obviously you were still quite dexterous!

  7. Hi my dear-Such a wonderful day and so much fun having Pimms, being a true Lady who Lunches and my wonderful LBD and shrug is just perfection,like you said, I wouldn't have picked out a dress like that for myself, but I wouldn't be without it now, I can't wait to put these pieces in action, thanks so much Kate and it was a real pleasure to meet up at long last too!!

  8. Beautiful bow styling, I would expect nothing less.

    Looks like a fun day! xx

  9. Kate, you didnt take long to purchase the much coverted orange cardi from Karen Millen, and it suits you beautifully!!
    Looks like great fun at Harvey Nicholls!

  10. I am not one to wish I was at a social event. This is one I really and truly I wish I was at. And, OMG, can you tie a bow or what?? J'adore that orange cardi.

  11. I don't know how I could be more jealous. However! I DO own a WendyB necklace, so take that!


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