Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Moving forward

It's one thing sorting your wardrobe out and having an organised space but what are the next steps? When I stood back and peered at my mass of black, grey and white with a few injections of colour I knew, and as Isobel said 'where's the colour'. Minus my orange Zara dress, which was too big and got consigned to holiday stash as handy beach number there really is only a smattering of quite pale colours. Nice pale colours I hasten to add! However zing is required and no more black. And if you have any doubts over colour then the Dior Haute Couture show should dispel this - not only was the execution of sculptured (and the deconstruction of garment wearing) items a pleasure to behold, the use of colour and fabric was equally eye popping and sublime

image from Fashion Moment

What I've got will go together, and I can mix and match a plenty, creating lots of different looks, therefore my requirement is to inject lovely new season garments - yippee. The idea is to inject colour, texture, push the boundaries a bit (Isobel will be poking me with her pen) and pull together an A/W 09/10 capsule collection to wear.

I'm very lucky that I have another stylist who can be directional and understand the need to have a new direction. Styling is a business where image is everything and your look is key. I've been completely absorbed by my MA and have had little time or energy to devote to myself, so this little bit of me time is a tonic!


  1. Glad to hear some of the new pieces will be bold and bright!

  2. Now here is the problem, this gorgeous orange dress and gloves are reminding me of the orange bag you posted last week that I want. I think orange is going to be my accent colour for fall.

    It is so fun to see that even gorgeous and stylish you need some help now and then. I thought you just woke up out of bed looking totally chic and glamorous. You do, don't you?;-)

  3. I'm not feeling the Dior collection actually. I adore Givenchy and JPG.

    But I do love that shade of orange, maybe I'll give the collection a second chance?

  4. Sometimes it's nice to turn the reins over to someone else. I find that when I shop with certain people, they see things that would look good on me that I'd never, ever have considered for myself. That kind of insight and special attention feels good.

  5. So what's your next 'bright' purchase going to be? I love the fluro orange and yellow skinny belts at Cos right now - and a steal for 12 quid. xx

  6. Hi there-Sounds like its been a very productive and enlightening experience, at least you now know what direction you want to move forward in, look forward to seeing the new vibrant colour pieces too!!

  7. The Dior show was something like heaven...brillant!


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