Thursday, 9 July 2009

What I wore last night

Now had I not been applying nails inc Hanover Square to my toe nails, giving last minute babysitting instructions and running for the bus, I would have taken a photo. Instead I give you a retrospective of the outfit I wore last night to Mr MDS's works do in a marquee on the Southbank.

The dress: All Saints in sale £55

The back view of dress

The cut of cloth on dress around the derrière

The required coat due to rain - a olive green patent mac from Primark 2 years ago. It was quite pricey for Primark at £22!

The shoes: Russell & Bromley


  1. Really love that dress - the All Saints sale has been amazing hasn't it?! Hope you had a good time!

  2. Hi there-the All Saints dress was a fabulous deal and I really love those R&B shoes-hope you had a lovely time too!

  3. Wonderful dress, and I LOVE the mac, I love green! If yo ever get rid of that _ I'll buy it off you!

  4. Totally in love with the dress and the shoes! Mr MDS must have been very proud to have such a trendy thing on his arm!

  5. Gorgeous dress and booties! Love the whole look!


  6. I love that dress and shoes!


  7. Great dress and a bargain! Love All Saints.

  8. I have just become a member of the Allsaints facebook group. They upload all the latest Allsaints clothes coming out. I have just seen some great Allsaints Gladiator sandals.

    Check it out

  9. Sister Wolf - it is somewhat bustle like!

    James - no offence but seriously I have better things to do than be a member of the Allsaints facebook group

  10. Wow - I'm sure you dazzled on the night. Great buy in the sale.

    And I love your message to James. xx


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